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Spatial Justice and Diaspora

New anthology on racism and social justice

Tekalign Ayalew and Siri Schwabe are contributing with chapters on everyday practices of Ethiopian homemaking in Sweden and Palestinian street protest in Chile in the new anthology “Spatial Justice and Diaspora”.

Siri Agnete Schwabe

Siri Schwabe in Al Jazeera interview on Palestinian diaspora in Chile

Chile is home to the largest Palestinian communities outside of the Arab world. Last weekend, 14 diaspora delegations from Latin America met in Santiago in an attempt to push for peace in Palestine. Al Jazeera interviewed Siri Schwabe about the Palestinian presence in the Chilean capital.

If the Sea Could Talk

Artist talk with Dady De Maximo

Dady De Maximo (artist, fashion designer, journalist and activist) will discuss If the Sea Could Talk – a fashion line that pays tribute the thousands of migrants and refugees going missing and dying fleeing.

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