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Ruben Andersson

Prize for study on migration and border controls

Ruben Andersson has received the BBC’s Thinking Allowed, in association with the British Sociological Association, annual Ethnography Award for his book “Illegality, Inc.: Clandestine Migration and the Business of Bordering Europe”.

Simon Johansson

Simon Johansson on #Instagram

During the spring, researchers and students are being given the chance to be guest editors on the University's Instagram page. During this and the coming week Simon Johansson, Department of Social Anthropology, has the chance to showcase his everyday life as a PhD student on fieldwork in Detriot by sending in photos and texts to the University's Instagram channel.

Paul Boyce

Paul Boyce on queer anthropology and same-sex sexualities in West Bengal

In this episode of AnthroTalking we talk to Paul Boyce who is a lecturer in Anthropology and International Development at the School of Global Studies, University of Sussex. For his research, Paul has done fieldwork in West Bengal, India, to study same-sex sexualities and transgender experiences in regard to modernity and social change.


New book about the integration of descendants of Turkish migrants in Stockholm

A new book edited by Charles Westin has just been published: “The Integration of Descendants of Migrants from Turkey in Stockholm. The TIES Study in Sweden”. The book presents the results of the Integration of the Second Generation in Europe survey that examines the experiences of residents of Stockholm who are descended from Turkish migrants.

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