The basic level includes three courses: Social Anthropology I, II and III as well as an individual course in Gender and Sexuality. The course Gender and Sexuality is taught in English.

Avancerad nivå


Advanced level studies include two master’s programs in Social Anthropology and a joint master’s program in Environmental Social Science. All programs are taught in English.


Doctoral level

Doctoral level education is normally expected to require four years of fulltime studies (240 credits). The program consists of a course part and a dissertation part.

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Student office
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Study counsellor
Marie Larsson
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Director of studies, basic level
Raoul Galli
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Director of studies, advanced level
Eva-Maria Hardtmann
E-mail: eva-maria.

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Office hours: Mon 10-12 am (NB on the first Monday of every month, office hours is changed to Tuesday 10-12)

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