Asta Vonderau
Asta Vonderau

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Asta Vonderau is a researcher at the Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University and an associate professor for Cultural Anthropology at the University of Mainz, Germany. Her current research project, Farming Data, Forming the Cloud: The Environmental Impact and Cultural Production of Information Technology investigates the Internet’s materiality, addressing the risk of an energy crisis of information. Based on empirical research at the Facebook data centre in Luleå, Northern Sweden, the project specifically asks how “the cloud” is culturally imagined and socially negotiated (in terms of social relations and labour market), and how it materializes in terms of environmental change.

Asta Vonderau obtained her PhD (dr. phil.) from Humboldt University Berlin in 2008 for her doctoral dissertation entitled Living in the ‘New Europe’: Consumption, Life Styles and Body Techniques in Post Socialism (Leben im ‚neuen Europa’: Konsum, Lebensstile und Körpertechniken im Postsozialismus). Her thesis analysed how new forms of subjectivity and new principles of social differentiation were introduced in Eastern European societies after 1989. Vonderau also has conducted research on infrastructural change within the university system, based on a case study on the ongoing high school reform in Germany.

Selected publications


  • Audit-Cultures and Infrastructures of Excellence: Studies and Teaching Reform at German Universities.Learning and Teaching. The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences 8(2): 29-47.
  • “The Downside of Transparency: Europeanization, Standardization and Disobedient Markets at the Margins of Europe.” Lietuvos Etnologija: socialiones anthropologijos ir etnologijos studijos 15(24): 35-67.
  • “Globale Daten in lokalen Speichern: Ethnographische infrastrukturelle Zugänge zum World Wide Web.” Alltag-Kultur-Wissenschaft. Beiträge zur Europäischen Ethnologie, 2: 149-164.





  • “Yet Another Europe? Constructing and Representing Indentities in Lithuania Two Years after the EU Accession.” In: Representations on the Margins of Europe. Politics and Indentities in the Baltic and South Caucasian States. Ed. by Tsypylma Darieva and Wolfgang Kaschuba. Frankfurt/New York: Campus: 220-241.


  • Turn to Europe. Kulturanthropologische Europaforschungen, co-edited with Kerstin Pöhls. Münster/Hamburg/Berlin: LIT.




  • Philosophy of Science for Anthropologists  
  • Individual Tutorial for master students
  • Master thesis supervision

Conferences, workshops


  • “Die Cloud: Ökonomie des Kühlens”. Interdisciplinary conference Ökonomie des Menschen, University Frankfurt/Main


Lectures, seminars



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