Jannete Hentati. Photo: Roger Olsson
Jannete Hentati. Photo: Roger Olsson

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The messenger: Teachers' translation of nation state norms in every day practice. A comparative study of national education policy and practice in Malmö and Marseille (working title)
The dissertation project of Jannete Hentati brings to light the normative making of societal comprehension and national representation within compulsory school education. By exploring the ways in which secondary school teachers are dealing with current social and political issues within civic education, this project aims at discussing and problematizing national curriculum and subject didactics as formative arenas of norm building within a nation-state framework.
Fieldwork has been conducted by a combination of policy studies and ethnographic research at secondary schools in Malmö, Sweden and Marseille, France from January through December 2012. The comparative approach enhances a dynamic perspective on how educational policy and practice depends on and interacts with its social and political context, and might thus offer a more complex and multifaceted understanding of the conditions, challenges and possibilities that, in the era of globalization, confronts national education all over Europe.