Charlotta Widmark, Senior Lecturer, Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, Uppsala University

Tourism, gentrification and social transformations. Urban anthropology in an interdisciplinary perspective

In this presentation I will focus on topics that emerged when carrying out shorter field work periods in London, Istanbul and Rome through the interdisciplinary research collaboration "The Good City - Urbanism and social change" at Uppsala University. Our explorations of the cities were guided by three themes: methods to explore the city, space/place, materiality and urban heritage. The name ‘The Good City’ was chosen because of its ambiguous meaning. Conceptions vary and change, and if a city is considered to be good, then the opposite is probably also true, depending on the perspective or historical epoch of the observer. The node focuses on problems, challenges and opportunities of “the good city” in time and space. In my presentation I will talk about tourism, gentrification and social transformations and how to find out about these processes.

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