Daniel Escobar López, PhD student, Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University

The infrastructures of gender: on gendered local politics and land in an Andean Peruvian community

The PhD project about gender, land and infrastructures explores how economic change and development projects dealing with tourism and infrastructures in a rural Quechuan-speaking Andean village affect power hierarchies and gender relations. I follow the case of the emergence of a landscape tourist attraction and the consequent formation of a female handicraft association. I look at how its members negotiate ways and means to enter the local political arena in order to defend their right to control the land on which they sell their handicrafts. I also follow the case of how the project to construct an international airport in the area is affecting meanings of land ownership, territory and space and time perceptions in the whole district in general and the village and handicraft association in particular. More generally, the project situates gender and rural/urban relations within current discourses on tourism, development and modernity in Peru. The ethnographic material was collected during long-term fieldwork in Chinchero, Peru, and consists mainly of participant observation, interviews and to a lesser degree visual material.

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