Urgent grants enable scientists to address recently identified research issues that can and need to be addressed within a limited time frame. For example, this may be an extreme event, such as storm-felled forests, defects in the construction of buildings that have collapsed, emission of environmentally hazardous substances following a disaster, or other specific circumstances that necessitate the study of an event and/or the direct effects of an event to be initiated immediately.

Note that previous Formas Handbooks no longer apply.

An application for an urgent grant may be submitted to Formas to carry out a study where a situation or a phenomenon has arisen urgently and there is a risk that data/material will no longer be available if the study is not carried out relatively immediately. This means that the purpose of an urgent grant is to ensure that important data/material is not lost and/or to study a recently identified situation that could not be anticipated in advance and does not occur routinely.

For other types of studies, and where data/material can be collected and a study can be carried out afterwards even if an event or phenomenon has arisen urgently and unexpectedly, Formas refers applicants to the annual open call and any relevant targeted calls.

An urgent grant application cannot be submitted for an urgent requirement for research funding and/or for an ongoing project where a lack of funding is crucial for the performance of the project.

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