The editors of HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory are delighted to launch an international competition for special issues to be published in 2018 or 2019. Selected special issues, after publication in the journal, will be made available in paperback by HAU Books (printed and distributed by the University of Chicago Press). Previous titles, released as both a journal issue and later in revised form in paperback, include:

2015. Translating Worlds:The epistemological space of translation.

Edited by Carlo Severi and William F. Hanks.

2016. Values of Happiness: Toward an anthropology of purpose in life. Edited by Iza Kavedžija and Harry Walker.

We wish to reach out and engage the widest community of scholars working in or from any part of the world to contribute, with ground-breaking work, to the emergence of new ethnographically-inspired theories fostering advances in human sciences and the understanding of current changes in society and modes of thought.

On the basis of the proposals received, the editors of HAU, in consultation with Editorial Board members, will select a shortlist for further consideration, and will notify guest editors about the acceptance within six months after the submission of the complete manuscript. Those short-listed will be asked to give names and contact details of 3 referees who have agreed, if requested, to give their confidential appraisal of the entirety of the submitted manuscript. Review reports will be requested from only one of these nominated referees as well as external reviewers nominated by the journal. The failure of referees nominated by the proposers to produce a timely report may lead to the rejection of the manuscript for publication. Final reports will be evaluated by the editors and selected members of the Editorial Board and a winner of the competition will be nominated.

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