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Stockholm anthropology roundtable

Stockholm Anthropology Roundtable 2019 - Logistics: Re-thinking Economies of Circulation

The 2019 Stockholm Anthropology Roundtable "Logistics: Re-thinking Economies of Circulation" will bring together anthropologists and other social scientists in a critical reflection on logistics as both an object of study and as a theoretical and analytical lens.

Ulf Hannerz nya publikation

Ny bok av Ulf Hannerz

Ulf Hannerz, Professor emeritus på Socialantropologiska institutionen, ger ut boken "World watching - Streetcorners and Newsbeats on a Journey through Anthropology".

Ulf Hannerz tilldelas titieln jubeldoktor

Ulf Hannerz tilldelas titeln jubeldoktor

Ulf Hannerz, professor emeritus i socialantropologi, tilldelas titeln jubeldoktor

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