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Stockholm anthropology roundtable

Stockholm Anthropology Roundtable 2019 - Logistics: Re-thinking Economies of Circulation

The 2019 Stockholm Anthropology Roundtable "Logistics: Re-thinking Economies of Circulation" will bring together anthropologists and other social scientists in a critical reflection on logistics as both an object of study and as a theoretical and analytical lens.

Ulf Hannerz

Ulf Hannerz releases new book

Ulf Hannerz new book reflects on his distinguished scholarly career over half a century, linking personal biography to changes in the discipline of anthropology.


Ulf Hannerz to become a jubilee doctor

Ulf Hannerz received his PhD fifty years ago and is to become a jubilee doctor at Stockholm University.

Helena Wulff

Why humanistic anthropology matters

Helena Wulff, professor of Social Anthropology, has written the article “Why Humanistic Anthropology Matters”, which was recently published on the Anthropology News website.

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