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Exploring anthropological methods

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Visiting address:
Department of Social Anthropology
Universitetsvägen 10 B
Frescati, Stockholm
Södra huset entrance B, 6th floor

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Department of Social Anthropology
Universitetsvägen 10 B
106 91 Stockholm

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Department of Social Anthropology
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Switch board +46 (8) 16 20 00

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Bankgiro: 5050-0206
VAT no: SE202100306201
Organisation number: 202100-3062

Office hours:
Doors and elevators are open 7.30-17.00.


AnthroTalking is a podcast produced by a group of students currently enrolled in the department’s master’s programme. The podcasts feature interviews with anthropologists from Sweden and abroad. You will hear them reflect upon their work and their experiences in the field, and comment on a wide array of issues and debates. If you have suggestions for future episodes or feedback on any of the episodes, please email

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