Gudrun Dahl
Gudrun Dahl

In this episode of AnthroTalking we interview Gudrun Dahl, professor at the Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University. After having done anthropological research for several decades, Gudrun elaborates in this podcast episode on some of the structural changes that have occurred at the anthropology department from the 1960s on, and how her field of research has evolved from studying pastoralism in North-East Africa to development discourses, including notions of agency and victimization.

Published on:

June 4, 2015

Created by:

Fredrik Nyman and Sanna Poelman


pastoralism, agency, victimhood, development discourse, Gudrun Dahl, anthropology, Kenya, Stockholm, moral buzzwords

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Nyman, Fredrik and Sanna Poelman “Gudrun Dahl on pastoralism in Kenya, victimhood, and moral buzzwords” AnthroTalking: Podcasts at Stockholm University’s Department of Social Anthropology, online June 4, 2015,


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