Series 1 (spring 2015)

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Special edition on the Mediterranean migration crisis

The ongoing migration crisis in the Mediterranean has led to criticism of EU’s mismanagement of its humanitarian response. Hear Ruben Andersson, Shahram Khosravi and Peo Hansen discuss whom or what is to blame and what needs to be done to stop people from drowning.

Mark Graham

Mark Graham on materiality within queer theory

In this episode of AnthroTalking, Mark Graham explains his concept of materiality within queer theory and talks about the intriguing relation of queerness and smells. He also gives advice on how to talk about queer topics in everyday life.

Gudrun Dahl

Gudrun Dahl on pastoralism in Kenya, victimhood, and moral buzzwords

In this episode of AnthroTalking we interview Professor Gudrun Dahl on how her field of research has evolved from studying pastoralism in North-East Africa to development discourses, including notions of agency and victimization.

Frida Hastrup

Frida Hastrup on Norwegian apples and generative ethnography

In this episode of AnthroTalking we interview Frida Hastrup, assistant professor at the Ethnology Department at the University of Copenhagen’s Saxo-Institute. We talk about her latest project on apples and wild berries as part of the Natural Goods? research group.

Špela Drnovšek Zorko

Špela Drnovšek Zorko on identity narratives in the post-Yugoslav diaspora

In this episode of AnthroTalking we talk to Špela Drnovšek Zorko, PhD student at SOAS, about her initial research findings on the ways in which former Yugoslav migrants living in Britain today mediate memories of Yugoslavia and how these ideas are negotiated intergenerationally. Hear Špela narrating her approach to the field and how she got to know her informants through singing in the choir, language studies and slowly unfolding conversations.

Paul Boyce

Paul Boyce on queer anthropology and same-sex sexualities in West Bengal

In this episode of AnthroTalking we talk to Paul Boyce who is a lecturer in Anthropology and International Development at the School of Global Studies, University of Sussex. For his research, Paul has done fieldwork in West Bengal, India, to study same-sex sexualities and transgender experiences in regard to modernity and social change.

C Woolfson

Charles Woolfson on austerity and the informalization of the labour market

In this episode of AnthroTalking we talk to Charles Woolfson, who is professor of labour studies at the Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO) at Linköping University, Sweden. From a critical perspective, Charles Woolfson looks at processes of labour migration, industrial relations and working environments and is currently working on issues related to austerity programmes employed to restore and rehabilitate economic growth.

Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett on his work at Stockholm's Museum of Ethnography and the representation of Africa

In this episode of AnthroTalking we went to Stockholm’s Museum of Ethnography to talk to the museum’s curator for Africa, Michael Barrett who has a PhD in Anthropology from Uppsala University. In this podcast he tells us about his PhD research in Zambia, how he came to work as curator for Africa at the Museum of Ethnography and explains how, as curator, he handles knowledge production around this huge continent.

Carolyn Hamilton

Carolyn Hamilton on Archives and Anthro-History

In this episode of AnthroTalking we interview Carolyn Hamilton who describes herself as an anthro-historian. In the podcast she explains what the work of an anthro-historian entails, how her work aims to critically unpack the concept of ‘the archive’, the methods of an anthro-historian and the questions that arise when thinking about the archive.

Mats Utas

Mats Utas on the Ebola epidemic and the role of the anthropologist in global health crises

In this episode AnthroTalking interviews Mats Utas. Mats has had a lot of public exposure lately in Sweden as part of the Swedish response team for the West African Ebola epidemic and we talk to him about issues of public perception and institutional mobilisation in tackling a public health crisis that has achieved surprising notoriety.

Ruben Andersson

Ruben Andersson on risk and fear in the new landscape of international intervention in Mali

In this episode AnthroTalking interviews Ruben Andersson about his current research on the challenges of the international interventions in Mali that presently is a highly dangerous area.

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AnthroTalking is a podcast produced by a group of students currently enrolled in the department’s master’s programme. The podcasts feature interviews with anthropologists from Sweden and abroad. You will hear them reflect upon their work and their experiences in the field, and comment on a wide array of issues and debates. If you have suggestions for future episodes or feedback on any of the episodes, please email

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