Dr Hans Lucht, Senior researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies and Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen
Dangerous Crossings: Ghanaians Lost and Found on the Mediterranean

Last month several hundred migrants drowned off Lampedusa, and yet the rickety boats are still coming from North Africa. Based on fieldwork in Southern Europe and in a Ghanaian fishing village, this presentation explores if the growing number of deaths and disappearances on the southern borders of the EU, though not being political acts per se, have certain political implications in the sense that they bring into question the legitimacy of current EU border governance, and the policy of 'preemption'. Drawing on a parallel to the 'war against terror' the paper asks whether the EU is taking a mimetic approach to migration control. That is to say, the clandestine migration brokers mirror the state in Africa but does the EU, in turn, mirror the unconventional ways of the 'enemy'? The presentation then focuses on the little known ramifications of these deaths on a local level in a small West African village and how people fight back to obtain a sense of existential control in the meeting with the deadly border regimes of North Africa and Europe.

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