Fieldplay. Video Haptic & ASMR by Sara Legg, 2012 (23 min)

In this film, Sara Legg investigates how groups of young people interested in making and watching haptic video have formed a community through social media. The community members explore ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), sensuous experiences that are responses to specific internal and external stimuli, caused by seeing and hearing somebody doing something with their hands or by talking very gently. Legg organizes and films an event where community members interact as performers and audience, and the final film further includes amateur material from youtube.

Telling Stories with Differences by Zineb Sedira, 2004 (20 min)

Zineb Sedira’s work refers stylistically to traditions of documentary realism, French cinema verité and photographic representation and encompasses a variety of media including film, video, photography, writing and oral history. Born in Paris to Algerian parents in the 1960s, Sedira is part of the second generation of immigrants to France and the specificity of her personal geography is central to her artistic output. She explores the seeming paradox of having a European education whilst being brought up within a North African Muslim community. Her work sensitively questions this ‘paradox’ using spoken, written and visual narratives.

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