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Khalid Koser

Filmed lecture with Khalid Koser

Khalid Koser, Geneva Centre for Security Policy, participated in the conference Migration and displacement in and from Afghanistan that took place in September at Stockholm University and was organised by Shahram Khosravi, Department of Social Anthropology.

Thomas Faist

Filmed lecture with Thomas Faist

On January 22 2013, Thomas Faist presented: “Social Inequalities: What Role for Transnationality?”

Avtar Brah

Filmed lecture with Avtar Brah

On December 11 2012, Avtar Brah presented: “Multiple Formations of Power: Articulations of Diaspora and Intersectionality.”

Khachig Tölölyan

Filmed lecture by Khachig Tölölyan

On October 23 2012, Khachig Tölölyan presented: “Claiming diasporas, reclaiming diaspora studies”.

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