Peter Hervik
Peter Hervik


Peter Hervik, anthropologist and Professor in Migration studies at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, at Aalborg University, Denmark

Denmark’s Blond Vision and the Logics of a Nation in Danger

Racial reasoning in Denmark instantiates a specific logic, which we could call the “nation-in-danger” that can be found in circulating images, soundbites, visual signs, metaphors, and narratives created in political communication, news media, and everyday conversations. These discourses and practices are also directed at individuals and groups, who are represented as actors, that do not understanding the foreign threat to domestic cultural norms and values. On the basis of ongoing research of racialization as well as research on how to study the far right and white nationalism in Denmark and Northern Europe more broadly, I wish to analyze the ways in which the “nation-in-danger” works and how it relates to more traditional approaches to (neo)nationalism, which, I would argue, is inseparable from racialization. In addition, I will pose the polemic question: how and to what extent we, as anthropologists, can empathize with the “neo-nationalists” or similar categories of ideological stances as part of our efforts to understand such people and phenomena from within. In sum, I will argue that we need to re-conceptualize racialization that co-occurs with other forms of contestations such as anti-feminism, anti-multiculturalism, anti-left, and anti-intellectualism.

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