Friday, September 28

Introductory remarks
Bengt Karlsson (Chair of the Department of Social Anthropology)
Eva-Maria Hardtmann and Shahram Khosravi (Stockholm University)

Session 1
Engaged ethnography and social media

Michal Osterweil,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Taking Relationality Seriously: The Alter-Globalization Movement and Beyond”

Jeffrey S. Juris
Northeastern University, USA

“Global Justice and Occupy Movements: Technology, Social Media, and Militant Ethnography”

Paul Routledge
University of Glasgow, UK

“Climate Caravan! Networking the Politics of Occupation in Bangladesh”

Chair: Staffan Löfving, Stockholm University

Session 2
The politics of visibilities

Mazyar Lotfalian
University of California, Irvine

“The New Media Ecology of Social Movements”

Laleh Khalili
SOAS, London

“The Semiotics of Exemplary Martyrs in the Arab Uprising”

Arvid Lundberg
Stockholm University

“The Ethics and Art of Democratic Activism – The Arab Spring in Jordan”

Chair: Shahram Khosravi, Stockholm University


Saturday, September 29

Session 3
The significance of social movements, the case of the Middle East

Michael Fischer

“Pluralism and Struggle for Civil Politics in Iran”

Shahram Khosravi
Stockholm University

“Young Tehranis’ New Urban Practices and the Claim of Youthfulness”

Chair: Ulf Hannerz, Stockholm University

Session 4
Gender in local and transnational activism

Marie Larsson
Stockholm University

“Translated Labor Rights? A Sub-Regional Workshop of Home-based Workers in Siem Reap, Cambodia”

Manisha Desai
University of Connecticut

“The ‘Place’ of Subaltern Women in Knowledge Production in Protest Movements in Gujarat, India”

Chair: Eva-Maria Hartmann, Stockholm University

Session 5
Dynamics of local protest

Susann Ullberg
Stockholm University

“Los Inundados: Social Protest in the Wake of Disaster in Santa Fe City, Argentina”

Synnøve Kristine Nepstad Bendixsen
University of Bergen, Norway

“Creating Modes of Political Belonging: Acts of Contestation by Irregular Migrants in Norway”

Bengt Karlsson
Stockholm University

“A Social Movement Success Story? 30 Years of Transnational Indigenous Activism”

Chair: Heidi Moksnes, Uppsala University

NB: The roundtable is only for invited guests