Today's talk has two parts. First an introduction to what the speaker means by theorizing; and then a discussion of the role of metaphors in theorizing. The introduction to theorizing will quickly touch on key points, such as the disrtinction between theory and theorizing as well as that between context of discovery and context of justification. Something will also be said about theorizing as working on the self (a topic discussed in the appended article). The part on metaphors mirrors my current work on this topic. I will present my ideas so far, which focus on the theory of the metaphor, its heuristic power and how to avoid making errors when using a metaphor.

Richard Swedberg: Department ofSociology, Cornell University (USA). Richard Swedberg is Professor ofSociology at Cornell University. His two specialties are economic sociology and social theory. He is currently working on various aspects of theorizing: how to do it, and how to teach it to students.