Fitting in - a letter to jinyi is film about the Barsebäck trip. Barsebäck is one of four nuclear plants in Sweden and the only one currently closed (it was taken in use in the mid-1970s). In her film, Jinyi Wang looks at the design of the plant and how it “fits in” the surrounding landscape.

Jinyi Wang is a PhD student in the field of Human-Computer Interaction at Mobile Life Centre/Swedish Faculty for Design Research and Research Education at KTH. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and a Master’s degree in Computer Animation. Her current research interest is to investigate a new hybrid media from a design perspective that combines emergent mobile technologies for video interaction with the advances in the Internet of Things.

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The course Ethnographic Research Methods, coordinated by Professor Beppe Karlsson, is organised as part of the Research School for Swedish Anthropology (RESA). Through cooperation between specialized scientific environments, RESA offers advanced opportunities for PhD students with diverse interests in anthropology.

The courses that RESA organizes serve as a national forum for PhD students with different backgrounds, from different environments and with different financing. The idea is to allow PhD students with a common interest for anthropological research to form networks, both with nationally and internationally qualified researchers.

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