The concept of “diaspora” is often used to describe a group of migrants living in a country other than the country of origin but who are simultaneously considered linked to the latter. The term has become an increasingly common feature of research and political debate on the link between migration and development.

Diasporas are attributed an important role as regards development, integration, reconstruction of post-conflict countries and the transfer of knowledge between countries. The research review explains the meaning of diaspora and its importance. It is available in Swedish with a summary in English.

About Delmi and Erik Olsson

Delmi – the Migration Studies Delegation – is an independent committee that initiates studies and supplies research results as a basis for future migration policy decisions and to contribute to public debate.

Erik Olsson is responsible for the Migration Cluster and the research programme Transnational Migration/CEIFO at the Department of Social Anthropology. As a researcher on Migration Studies, Olsson has been the coordinator of several research networks, such as the CoHaB research network the Research Network on Transnationalism and Diaspora and TRANSMIG.

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