The exhibition Reports from New Sweden is currently on display at Tensta konsthall. The exhibition is about the history and memories of Tensta, both in relation to the place and to the people who live and work there. Over forty artists, architects, local associations, performers, sociologists, cultural geographers, philosophers, and others address the past in, for example, art works, research projects, seminars, and guided walks. At the same time they will be reporting on the condition of things in Tensta today, on what can be described as the “new Sweden.”

As part of the exhibition The Silent University was established. It is initiated by artist Ahmet Ögüt and is an alternative knowledge platform operated by and for asylum seekers, undocumented migrants and refugees who have a degree from their home countries but do not have the opportunity to exercise their profession in Sweden.

The fundamentals of the university are meetings, conversations, lectures, seminars and web based resources.

The Silent University - Tensta Reader # 1 was recently published. Researchers from Stockholm University have contributed with texts that reflect upon concepts such as borders, education, taking refuge, utopia, local organization and activism. Shahram Khosravi’s article is entitled Is a world without borders utopian?

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