Translations: indigenous, religion, tradition, culture: PhD course/workshop at the University of Tromsø, August 17–19, 2016.

This course includes perspectives from the study of religions, history, cultural history, anthropology, indigenous studies, and philosophy, but the foundational issues that are raised makes it relevant also for PhD students from other academic disciplines. Students with research projects that do not contain translations with “indigenous” may participate with papers that focus on comparable translations by means of other categories. The discussions of case studies and theories of translation will enable the students to bring more reflexivity to their own projects, and aid them in developing critical approaches to both empirical matters and theories.

Deadline for registration: June 1, 2016.

For more details and registration, contact Bjørn Ola Tafjord ( or Siv Ellen Kraft (

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Infrastructures as a contested terrain. Tema T at Linköping University will give a new PhD course, spring 2016.

This course will challenge, explore, and think about the (in)visibilities of infrastructure, while also reflecting on the challenges of building alternative and transforming current infrastructures. We will explore infrastructures ‘from below’ and ask how they are populated and used – often simultaneously such as in households. We will discuss different ways of conceptualizing infrastructures and how they help us understand contemporary society and issues of social change. We will link technological developments to cultural and historical processes, such as in the role of infrastructure in the construction of nationhood and as harbinger of modernity, and to recent issues in areas such as the research system, health care, energy or climate change.

The course will be given in weeks 13-21 (29 March - 27 May 2016).

Register your interest, please send an email to Eva Danielsson.

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