Alireza Behtoui and Hege Høyer Leivestad have written “The “stranger” among Swedish “homo academicus”” which has now been published open access in the journal “Higher Education”.

Högutbildade migranter i Sverige”

The second publication is a chapter (in Swedish) written by Erik Olsson, Alireza Behtoui and Hege Høyer Leivestad: “Karriär på spel. Socialt kapital och karriärer för disputerade migranter i den svenska högskolan”, published in “Högutbildade migranter i Sverige” (Malmö: Arkiv förlag) by Maja Povrzanović Frykman och Magnus Öhlander (eds).

The article and chapter are part of the project “Pathways to Success: The Upcoming Elite among Descendants of Migrants in Sweden”. It deals with the career pathways and upward mobility of migrants in Sweden. It is quite clear that migrants and their descendants are far from being proportionally represented in the most influential spheres in the Swedish society. The project thus sets out to examine how so-called “successful” migrants – and children of migrants – deal with potential obstacles and advance into elite circles.

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