Roskilde University

The PhD project is part of the Velux-funded project Living with Nordic Lighting, which consists of three other work packages that focus on atmospheres at home, in public spaces, and among design professionals. Natural and artificial lighting plays a central role in the experience of architecture.

Through an investigation of public and commercial architecture in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen, the PhD project investigates the role of lighting in staging atmospheres, for instance in the transitions between inside and outside. Questions that could be explored includes what kind of atmospheres do the users experience or recognize? How do atmospheres change? What kind of visions or politics of use are materialized in the design? What is the relationship between the design visions and user experiences? While the project description should focus on the users perceptions of atmospheres, and methods of investigating such, a focus should also be on the role of cultural and social norms in the use and experience of places. The project is fundamentally a team based humanities research. The PhD project is thus expected to actively contribute to and make use of the insights from the overall project.

The time schedule should include a total of 6 months fieldwork in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, as well as suggestions to a minimum of 3 months international research stay, including North America.

You must hold a master’s degree or equivalent within geography, anthropology, sociology, psychology, urban studies or related disciplines.

Application deadline: May 15.

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