The name of the project is "Curating Heritage for Sustainable Communities in Highly Vulnerable Environments: The Case of Scotland’s Northern Isles". Taking the Northern Isles as an example and major case study, the project will combine academic research with co-curating practice within a reflexive approach informed by critical heritage studies and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through a process of community engagement, the researcher will co-produce a multi-format exhibition and a framework for sustainable heritage tourism.

The project aims to open up the maritime heritage of the Northern Isles as a cultural resource for sustainable community development, through

  • Survey of tangible and intangible maritime heritage
  • Interpretation from a critical heritage perspective based on review of literature & practice in the field
  • Community engagement with heritage
  • Co-curation of maritime heritage
  • Exploring the significance of heritage with reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals & integrating heritage into a community-oriented framework of learning for sustainability

Location: Orkney & Edinburgh
Deadline: June 30.

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