Alongside PhD research, the successful candidate will play a role in raising the profile of research in this area, including developing the web presence for the Centre.

This studentship will provide support for up to three years of full-time study, or six years of part-time study, on a programme leading to the award of a doctoral degree. Funding includes a stipend of £14,057 (equivalent to RCUK rate, subject to confirmation for 2016/17) for three years (full time) and PhD registration fees at standard UK/EU student rate. This studentship is expected to start no later than October 2016.

Proposals should be rooted in the humanities and/or social sciences (rather than clinical disciplines) and should be developed by the candidate in consultation with a proposed supervisor (please see the list of indicative supervisors on the CHARTS webpage and consult their staff pages to guide you in potential research areas). The research should address the broad theme of Changing Cultures in Health and Medicine. This might include, though is in no way limited to:

  • changing historical or contemporary cultures of medical practice;
  • activist groups as agents for change in relation to health and medicine;
  • the role of health care and medicine in changing political, economic, social and cultural contexts;
  • the role of new technologies in cultural understandings of medicine, health and the body;
  • the role of the arts in health and wellbeing.

CHARTS is an interdisciplinary centre which recognises the vital role that arts, humanities and creativity can play in enhancing medical and scientific practice as well as in extending our understanding of health and well-being across an individual's life cycle and in different kinds of communities. It is also part of the Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research.

Application deadline: June 3.

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