In early 2015 Rasmus Rodineliussen focused on Syrian refugee students in Stockholm and Uppsala during fieldwork for his undergraduate thesis in social anthropology at Stockholm University. The article “Syria to Sweden: Refugee Stories” deals with the stories of three of the interview subjects.

In the article in Anthropology Now Rasmus Rodineliussen writes: “The stories told here have some key themes in common. My research subjects must be labeled as refugees to be able to stay in Sweden, and they all want to be accepted by the Swedish population. One way to help achieve acceptance is by telling their stories to me. As a researcher I have listened and involved myself in their life narratives and experiences. When they open up to me and my inquiries, they are not only sharing their stories, they are also testing them on me to see whether they suit the Swedish context.”

The full article is available online via Stockholm University Library.

Syria to Sweden: Refugee Stories. Anthropology Now, 8: 37-45, 2016.

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