To mark the launch of Ruben Andersson’s recently published book Illegality, Inc. (UC Press), the event at the London School of Economics and Political Science event will grapple with the difficult questions about the business of bordering Europe in the boats wake – while also suggesting ways in which the suffering at the borders may be alleviated in the future.

In Illegality, Inc., Ruben Andersson, travels along the clandestine migration trail from Senegal and Mali to the Spanish North African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. Through the voices of his informants, Andersson explores, viscerally and emphatically, how Europe’s increasingly powerful border regime meets and interacts with its target–the clandestine migrant.

Also participating in the event are Nicholas De Genova, Reader in Urban Geography at King’s College, London and Jeremy Harding, contributing editor to the London Review of Books.

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