"Ulf Hannerz has long been one of anthropology’s most subtle, prescient thinkers. A scholar unusually at home in the world, his work is testimony to the creative interplay of different cultures, methods, theoretical traditions. These essays, spanning almost fifty years, offer us a brilliant mini-history of the unfolding of the late modern anthropological imagination." - Jean Comaroff, Harvard University, USA

"This is a superb introduction to the oeuvre of one of the world’s leading anthropologists. In more than fifty years of fieldwork in a host of locations all over the world, Hannerz has tackled complex social problems with sly humor and an inimitably wry voice. In these pages, anthropology emerges as a cosmopolitan discipline studying other cosmopolitans." - Akhil Gupta, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

"For over fifty years Ulf Hannerz has been pioneering anthropological research and challenging disciplinary boundaries. Part-autobiographical, part-critical commentary, these writings chart his personal journey through a changing world, from postcolonial Nigeria, the Caribbean and ghetto culture in Washington to the lifeworlds of foreign correspondents and Swedish detective writers. Readers will relish the wit, insight and originality of these essays." - Cris Shore, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

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