• Stockholm Anthropology Roundtable 2022-01-21 "Ecography: Exploring Relational Methods" has been rescheduled to 5-6th May 2022.
  • Information about teaching during the spring semester 2022 2022-01-18
  • Welcome to our research and CEIFO seminars 2021-10-20 Seminar series, autumn 2021
  • Anthropology for a better world 2021-10-19 Are you an anthropologist who wants to make the world better?Then Anthropology & Society book series is eager to receive your book proposal
  • New book (in Swedish) about Megaprojects 2021-04-28 In YMER 2021, megaprojects are explored in different parts of the world. The authors are cultural and social anthropologists, cultural geographers and political scientists who, from their respective perspectives, show that megaprojects are characterized by politics and that power relations are central to their design, creation and social effects.
  • Re-made in Sweden: Success Stories in a Swedish Migration Context 2021-04-09 New publication by Erik Olsson, Professor of International Migration and Ethnic Relations at Stockholm University
  • After Suez: Have the containerships grown too big? 2021-04-06 During six days in March 2021, “Ever Given”, an ultra-large containership run by a Taiwanese shipping company and flagged in Panama, was stuck in the Suez Canal. Hege Høyer Leivestad explains why containerships have become too big and the consequences of this exceptional growth for infrastructure, the environment and people’s working conditions.
  • Failed Futures Workshop, Stockholm University, SCORE 2021-03-30 Failed Futures Workshop, Stockholm University, SCORE Virtual event 15/4 - by invitation only
  • 12 Doctoral Positions 2021-03-12 The University of Augsburg and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich invite applications for 12 Doctoral Positions. Deadline April 15
  • New Anthropological Perspectives on the Global Shipping Industry 2021-03-09 Container economies: Logistics and labor along the maritime supply chain, published open access in the journal Focaal places the maritime shipping industry at the centre of global capitalism.
  • Photographer: Niklas Björling PhD students in the fall of 2022 2021-02-12 The Department of Social Anthropology will not be accepting applications for the PhD program during the spring 2021.
  • Dolly Kikon and Beppe Karlsson 3 million SEK for “Food sovereignty” 2020-12-21 Congratulations to Beppe Karlsson, Dolly Kikon och Xonzoi Barbor who receives 3 million SEK in funding from Formas for the project “Food sovereignty”
  • Welcome to our research and CEIFO seminars 2020-11-30 Seminar series, autumn 2020.
  • New book release: "Invoking Flora Nwapa" 2020-11-27 Paula Uimonen's new book captures the revival of Flora Nwapa’s literary legacy and the expansion of her fame.
  • Congratulations to Paula Uimonen who has been promoted to professor in Social Anthropology 2020-10-26 On October 22, Paula Uimonen was promoted to Professor of Social Anthropology after a decision by the Stockholm University's Vice-Chancellor.
  • Getting Through Security - Cover New book by Mark Maguire and David A. Westbrook 2020-09-30 Global Foresight researchers Mark Maguire's and David A. Westbrook's new book Getting Through Security: Counterterrorism, Bureacracy and Sense of the Modern, will be soon be out on Routledge.
  • Ulf Hannerz Ulf Hannerz top influential anthropologist 2020-09-01 Ulf Hannerz, emeritus professor of social anthropology at Stockholm University, is number one when Academic Influence lists the most influential anthropologists in the world the last ten years.
  • Welcome to our research and CEIFO seminars 2020-05-20 Seminar series, spring 2020.
  • Photo: Ingmarie Andersson Who believes in conspiracy theories and why? 2020-03-24 Anthropologist Annika Rabo from Stockholm University is being interviewed in the podcast “Expert guide to conspiracy theories” by The Conversation.
  • "In Iran, we try to be hopeful. But we’re stalked by the fear of war" 2020-01-16 Shahram Khosravi, professor in Social Anthropology at Stockholm University has been published in "The Guardian"
  • Logistics brought anthropologists and other social scientists together 2019-11-07 - We haven’t just had a discussion in an abstract space, but in particular places in the world, said Heather Swanson, Associate Professor, Aarhus University.
  • Helena Wulff Why humanistic anthropology matters 2019-11-07 Helena Wulff, professor of Social Anthropology, has written the article “Why Humanistic Anthropology Matters”, which was recently published on the Anthropology News website.
  • Two research positions in the Institute for European Ethnology at Humboldt-Universität in Berlin 2019-09-20 Within the research project "Curating Digital Images: Ethnographic Perspectives on the Affordances of Digital Images in Museum and Heritage Contexts" (part of the priority programme "The Digital Image", funded by the German Research Foundation), two research positions (65% E 13 TV-L HU, possibility of doctorate) are available.
  • Student office closed September 17 2019-09-16
  • SSAG The Vega Symposium: Witnessing Anthropological Journeys, and the Returns 2019-02-15 The 2019 Vega Symposium honours Professor Emily Martin, Professor of Anthropology at New York University, recipient of SSAG’s Medal in Gold 2019, for her profound contributions to anthropological thought and research.
  • New article by Global Foresight researchers David A. Westbrook and Mark Maguire 2018-12-20 Global Foresight researchers David A. Westbrook and Mark Maguire have published a new article entitled "'Those People [May Yet Be] a Kind of Solution' Late Imperial Thoughts on the Humanization of Officialdom" in the Buffalo Law Review
  • Research seminar. Jenny Andersson. What is futures studies? 2018-10-05 Jenny Andersson, member of the Global Foresight research team, researcher at Sciences Po and Co-Director of MaxPo in Paris will present her new book and hold a seminar on What is future studies?
  • Public defence of PhD thesis – Ulrik Jennische 2018-08-16 Ulrik Jennische defends his PhD thesis ”Small-Small: Moral Economy and the Marketspace in Northern Ghana”. Opponent: Dinah Rajak, Reader, University of Sussex.
  • Alumnsdagen 2016. Foto: Niklas Björling Alumni – how to get involved 2018-07-03 There are many ways to collaborate with the Department of Social Anthropology and Stockholm University after finishing your studies.
  • Photo. Orasis Interdisciplinary PhD course – fall 2018 2018-06-26 Transnational Migration: Refugees, Routes, Encounters. An interdisciplinary PhD course at Stockholm University – fall 2018.
  • Arvid Lundberg Public defence of PhD thesis – Arvid Lundberg 2018-05-11 Arvid Lundberg defends his PhD thesis “Openness as Political Culture: The Arab Spring and the Jordanian Protest Movements.” Opponent: Daniele Cantini, research associate, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University of Zurich.
  • Helena Wulff Review of Helena Wulff's book in The Irish Times 2018-04-10 A book review of “Rhythms of Writing: An Anthropology of Irish Literature” by Helena Wulff was recently published in The Irish Times.
  • Roskilde University PhD in Urban Studies with focus on architectural lighting 2018-04-10 Department of People and Technology, Roskilde University, invites applications for a position as PhD in Urban Studies from August 15 or as soon as possible thereafter. The position as PhD is limited to a period of 3 years.
  • Linköping University PhD position in Technology and Social Change advertised at LiU 2018-04-09 Linköping University hereby advertises a position as PhD student in Technology and Social Change formally based at the Department of Thematic Studies.
  • Tania González Public defence of PhD thesis – Tania González-Fernández 2018-04-05 Tania González-Fernández defends her PhD thesis “Feeling Across Distance: Transnational Migration, Emotions, and Family Life Between Bolivia and Spain.” Opponent: Ninna Nyberg Sørensen, Professor, Danish Institute for International Studies.
  • New research network: Critical Border Studies Initiative 2018-01-02 Critical Border Studies Initiative is a forum for interdisciplinary studies on borders. Supported by CEMFOR, Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism at Uppsala University, the initiative started during the fall 2017.
  • ANTHUSIA PhD positions in project on human security issues in Africa 2018-01-02 16 PhD positions (or Early Researcher Positions) are available within the H2020 ITN-The Anthropology of Human Security in Africa. Application deadline: March 15.
  • Frescati, winter. Photo: Anna-Karin Landin Student office – Christmas & New Year closure 2017-12-22 The student office will be closed during Christmas and New Year and will open again on Monday, January 8 at 13.00.
  • Välkomstdagen 21 januari 2015. Foto: Eva Dalin Start of term checklist 2017-12-19 Welcome to the 2018 spring term at Stockholm University! Read this quick guide to ensure that your studies begin as smoothly as possible. The term starts on January 15.
  • christmas Closed December 23 to January 2 2017-12-14 The Department will be closed from December 23 until January 2 (lifts and doors to the Department will be locked), but you can reach us on phone or email.
  • University of Brighton ESRC PhD studentship in refugee mental health 2017-12-13 University of Brighton invites applications from students working in and across medical anthropology, psychology, migration and refugee studies, public health, critical health studies, and related specialisms for an interdisciplinary ESRC PhD studentship.
  • University of Konstanz 2 PhD positions available at University of Konstanz 2017-12-05 The University of Konstanz invites applications in the field of Social and Cultural Anthropology for 2 PhD positions to be filled as soon as possible.
  • Different office hours for Director of Studies (advanced level) 2017-12-04 During December, Eva-Maria Hardtmann’s regular office hours are cancelled.
  • Asta Vonderau Investigating the allure of the cloud 2017-11-28 The virtual data cloud is often portrayed as something clean and invisible. But in reality it is a heavy industry that has both social and environmental effects. A workshop gathers researchers to discuss what makes the cloud so attractive.
  • Helena Wulff New book: Rhythms of Writing 2017-11-27 Professor Helena Wulff in the Department of Social Anthropology is the author of the new book “Rhythms of Writing. An Anthropology of Irish Literature” published by Bloomsbury.
  • Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology - 5 positions for doctoral students 2017-11-24 The Law & Anthropology Department at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology invites applications for five positions for doctoral students starting on 1 October 2018.
  • Study counsellor – different office hours 2017-11-23 Between November 30 and December 21 the study counsellor’s regular office hours are cancelled.
  • The graduate institute geneva PhD position at The Graduate Institute, Geneva 2017-11-22 The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies is recruiting a PhD student for the ERC funded project ‘Returning to a Better Place: The (Re)assessment of the ‘Good Life’ in Times of Crisis’.
  • Christina Garsten. Photo: Eva Dalin The political turn of business 2017-11-14 Christina Garsten and Adrienne Sörbom have edited the new anthology “Power, Policy and Profit. Corporate Engagement in Politics and Governance” published by Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • VR Grants awarded to projects on click farms, maritime logistics and big data 2017-11-13 Johan Lindquist, Hege Høyer Leivestad and Darcy Pan in the Department of Social Anthropology have been awarded project grants from the Swedish Research Council.
  • university of brighton Fully funded PhD studentships at the Centre for Memory, Narrative and Histories, Brighton 2017-11-10 The Centre for Memory, Narrative and Histories (University of Brighton) invites applications for AHRC/TECHNE fully funded doctoral studentships on topics concerning the cultural significance of the past for lived experience, social relationships, politics and identities in the present and in the future.
  • Bengt G Karlsson Seed money to project on the travel of tea seeds 2017-11-09 Bengt G. Karlsson has received seed funding from The Seed Box to carry out the pilot project “Assam Tea, Kenya: The Travel of Seeds, Clones and Science Between India and Kenya”.
  • After Deportation. Ethnographic Perspectives What happens to migrants and failed asylum seekers after deportation? 2017-10-26 The new anthology “After Deportation. Ethnographic Perspectives”, edited by Shahram Khosravi, provides insight into what happens to migrants and failed asylum seekers post-deportation.
  • Different office hours for Director of Studies (advanced level) 2017-10-26 Between week 45 and 47 Eva-Maria Hardtmann’s regular office hours are cancelled.
  • Study with us autumn 2018 2017-10-20 On October 16 the first admission round for our master’s programs starting in the autumn 2018 opened. The last date to apply is January 15, 2018.
  • Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Göttingen Doctoral research fellowships in project on ‘Ageing in a Time of Mobility’ 2017-10-19 A new Max Planck Research Group ‘Ageing in a Time of Mobility’ based at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Göttingen is seeking highly-qualified and motivated candidates.
  • Middle East Journal of Refugee Studies Cultivating memories of belonging and conviviality 2017-10-11 In a new article by Annika Rabo – Anthropological Methods and an Analysis of Memory: Migration, Past and Present in Raqqa Province, Syria – the history of mobility and settlement in the province of Raqqa is used as examples to highlight memories of both conflict and conviviality.
  • Why deportation to Afghanistan is wrong 2017-10-05 A new article by Shahram Khosravi has been published on The experience of deported Afghans is an experience of being expelled from Europe and being outcast in Afghanistan, Shahram Khosravi writes.
  • Annika Rabo What makes conspiracy theories appealing? 2017-10-02 Who believes in conspiracy theories? Why are certain things surrounded by speculation and rumours? A new interdisciplinary and international research network aims to discover the origins and mechanisms of conspiracy theories.
  • Nordic Journal of Migration Research North-Europeans in Spain – new special issue of NJMR 2017-09-22 The latest issue of the Nordic Journal of Migration Research is a special issue titled “Liquids and Sediments: Practices of Community in the Context of Migration, Mobility and Transnationalism”. It has been co-edited by Erik Olsson.
  • bokikon New books from members of the Department of Social Anthropology 2017-09-13 Three anthologies edited by member of the Department of Social Anthropology were recently published: “Small Countries. Structures and Sensibilities”; “Geographies of Difference: Explorations in Northeast Indian Studies”; and “Ethnographies of Conferences and Trade Fairs. Shaping Industries, Creating Professionals”.
  • Ulf Hannerz Is history over? Ask Ulf Hannerz 2017-09-12 Alma Gottlieb recently interviewed Ulf Hannerz about his book “Writing Future Worlds. An Anthropologist Explores Global Scenarios” (Springer/Palgrave, 2016).
  • Virtual meeting on meeting 2017-08-23 Renita Thedvall participated together with other researchers in two online meetings convened by to discuss the importance of investigating meetings ethnographically. Read what came out of their conversations.
  • Tekalign Ayalew Struggle for mobility 2017-06-09 A new study by Tekalign Ayalew examines the motivations, organizations and impact of overland migratory journeys from Ethiopia and Eritrea across the Sahara desert and Mediterranean Sea to Sweden.
  • Hege Høyer Leivestad. Foto: Terje Tjærnås Decision International Postdoc spring 2017 2017-06-09 The Swedish Research Council has made its decision on International Postdoc spring 2017. Hege Høyer Leivestad, Department of Social Anthropology, is one of six researchers at Stockholm University who has been awarded the grant.
  • Stockholm University Press New book series: Anthropology & Society 2017-04-27 Anthropology & Society is a new peer-reviewed open access book series published by Stockholm University Press. It was launched at the Swedish Anthropological Association’s conference in April 2017.
  • Studenter i Studenthusets café. Foto: Niklas Björling Map your skills 2017-04-21 On MyCareer, Stockholm University’s jobs and careers portal, you have the opportunity to create a profile and personalise the content of the site according to your skills, competencies and job interests.
  • Thomas Hylland Eriksen Lecture with Thomas Hylland Eriksen 2017-04-04 Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen will give the lecture “Who to trust: Clashing knowledges from Australian mining to ‘alternative facts’” on Thursday April 20.
  • SSAG This year’s recipients of SSAG scholarships announced 2017-03-21 The Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography, has announced who has been awarded scholarships for 2017. Among the grantees are several researchers at the Department of Social Anthropology.
  • Utropstecken Anthropology rated best in Sweden 2017-03-09 When the “QS world university rankings by subject” were announced for 2017, Anthropology at Stockholm University was listed in the top 100 in the world and also rated best in Sweden.
  • Video game with ambition to depict life under siege 2017-03-07 This War of Mine, a survival-themed strategy game, is based on the siege of Sarajevo. But how realistically does the video game depict life under siege? Ivana Maček responds in an interview on the Youtube channel History Respawned.
  • America Observed: On an Anthropology of the United States America observed – on an international anthropology of the United States 2017-02-27 Helena Wulff and Ulf Hannerz have contributed to the new anthology “America Observed: On an Anthropology of the United States”.
  • “Mexico / US Pacific Ocean Border Fence,” Imperial Beach, San Diego, California. By Tony Webster. CC BY 2.0. A few snapshots of the US borders 2017-02-15 A new text by Shahram Khosravi written in response to the Trump administration’s Executive Order on immigration has just been published.
  • Efuru Efuru@50 – a celebration of Flora Nwapa 2017-02-15 Efuru@50, a celebration of Flora Nwapa, pioneer of African women literature is a new documentary film produced by Paula Uimonen and Yaki Bozi.
  • Precarious Lives: Waiting and Hope in Iran Waiting and hope in Iran 2017-01-31 In the new book “Precarious Lives: Waiting and Hope in Iran” Shahram Khosravi examines the complexities and contradictions of everyday life in Iran.
  • Spatial Justice and Diaspora New anthology on racism and social justice 2017-01-18 Tekalign Ayalew and Siri Schwabe are contributing with chapters on everyday practices of Ethiopian homemaking in Sweden and Palestinian street protest in Chile in the new anthology “Spatial Justice and Diaspora”.
  • Siri Agnete Schwabe Siri Schwabe in Al Jazeera interview on Palestinian diaspora in Chile 2017-01-17 Chile is home to the largest Palestinian communities outside of the Arab world. Last weekend, 14 diaspora delegations from Latin America met in Santiago in an attempt to push for peace in Palestine. Al Jazeera interviewed Siri Schwabe about the Palestinian presence in the Chilean capital.
  • Paula Uimonen at EFURU@50 in Nigeria 2016-12-22 Paula Uimonen recently returned from Nigeria where she conducted fieldwork for her project on African women writers as part of the research programme “World Literatures”.
  • “Writing Future Worlds. An Anthropologist Explores Global Scenarios” New book by Ulf Hannerz on global future scenarios 2016-12-21 “Writing Future Worlds. An Anthropologist Explores Global Scenarios” is the title of a new book by Ulf Hannerz published by Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Siri Agnete Schwabe On memory, politics and being Palestinian in Santiago de Chile 2016-12-15 The world’s largest Palestinian diaspora outside the Arab world is found in Chile. A new PhD thesis in Social Anthropology gives novel perspectives on how a particular diasporic form of being Palestinian is constituted and practiced in the Chilean context.
  • Engaged Anthropology. Views from Scandinavia Anthropological insights applied outside of academia 2016-12-12 Associate Professor Shahram Khosravi has written the chapter “Engaging Anthropology: An Auto-Ethnographic Approach” published in the new anthology “Engaged Anthropology. Views from Scandinavia”.
  • Social media Who will save your social media photo album? 2016-12-12 Never before have we photographed and shared our daily lives as much as today. But how do we collect and preserve our everyday photos? The new research project “Collecting Social Photo” will explore this question.
  • Darcy Pan Uncertainty affects China’s labour NGOs 2016-12-09 A new study in Social Anthropology investigates the dynamics of state control in China with a focus on labour NGOs and Western funding agencies. It shows that a notion of uncertainty permeates the daily work of the NGOs and their relationships with the Chinese state.
  • Strengthening research on Asia at Stockholm University 2016-11-23 Professor Johan Lindquist, Department of Social Anthropology, is from 2016 the new director of the Forum for Asian Studies, a multidisciplinary research forum at Stockholm University.
  • Photo: Andrzej Markiewicz Photo exhibition begins tour of India and Nepal 2016-11-22 Gangtok in the Indian state of Sikkim is the first stop for the mobile photo exhibition “Wayfinding: a photoethnography of indigenous migration”. The exhibit makes two more stops in India before it concludes in Kathmandu.
  • Formas Traces and memories of a land conservation project in Tunisia 2016-11-18 A new project – Time and development in Sidi Bouzid – aims to advance our knowledge of the long-term impacts of development processes. The project is funded by Formas and will be carried out by Professor Annika Rabo, Ulrik Mårtensson och Lazhar Gammoudi.
  • Communicating the unthinkable 2016-11-17 Associate Professor Ivana Maček is the author of the book chapter “Communicating the Unthinkable: A Psychodynamic Perspective” published in the coming anthology “Memory and Genocide. On What Remains and the Possibility of Representation”.
  • Ruben Andersson Mapping an ethnography of global danger 2016-11-16 Visiting Mali’s conflict, UN headquarters and private security firms, a new article by Ruben Andersson charts how western powers are seeking to distance themselves from crisis-hit ‘red zones’ while reconfiguring relations with their inhabitants around perceived threats and risks.
  • USA US presidential elections seen from the horizon of Stockholm 2016-11-08 How does the 2016 election campaign look from Stockholm? Ulf Hannerz discusses this in a new article in Cultural Anthropology’s series “Crisis of Liberalism”.
  • Foto: Niklas Björling Scholarship information 2016-10-24 If you are planning to apply for master’s studies starting in autumn 2017 there are some scholarships available for students from outside of the EU/EEA.
  • Erik Olsson Diaspora – a concept in development 2016-10-19 A new study by Delmi contributes to policy relevant knowledge in the areas of diaspora, transnationalism, migration and development. It is written by Erik Olsson, Professor in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at the Department of Social Anthropology.
  • How can the future be investigated? 2016-10-12 How do central banks fashion the future? That question was one of many that was discussed at the launch of the project Global Foresight: Anticipatory governance and the making of geo-cultural scenarios.
  • How not to write How not to write 2016-09-23 Are you in need of support and guidance in your thesis writing or course work? Three tips can help you.
  • CAMP, Center for Art on Migration Politics, Deportspora: When deportation becomes a way of life 2016-09-23 What is it like to live with the imminent threat of deportation? What happens to deportees, who have been returned to their country of origin? And what makes people migrate again despite the prospect of being deported once more.
  • Riksbankens jubileumsfond Riksbankens Jubileumsfond highlights project launch 2016-09-15 The project “Global foresight: Anticipatory governance and the making of geo-cultural scenarios” had its public launch on August 19. Riksbankens Jubileumsfond wrote about the event on its website.
  • Spåkula Public launch of the research program Global foresight 2016-08-31 Welcome to the public launch of the research program Global foresight: Anticipatory governance and the making of geo-cultural scenarios. Please register before August 10.
  • Bok Anthropologists in the new research program on world literature 2016-05-31 The program, with a six-year grant from the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences, will investigate how literature can advance the critical understanding of cosmopolitanism.
  • Ruben Andersson Tougher border policy has damaging effects 2016-05-27 EU’s harsher efforts to stop migrants and refugees show how migration has increasingly come to be treated as a security and border issue – with very negative consequences. This according to a new report by anthropologist Ruben Andersson.
  • Helena Wulff New book on anthropological writing 2016-04-20 Professor Helena Wulff is the editor of the new book “The Anthropologist as Writer: Genres and Contexts in the Twenty-First Century” published by Berghahn.
  • Didier Fassin Vega symposium - The Public Presence of Anthropology 2016-04-20 The Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography has awarded Professor Didier Fassin with the SSAG’s Medal in Gold. The symposium will discuss the public relevance and importance of anthropology as well as the complex issues raised by the interactions with publics.
  • Anthropology Now Syria to Sweden – refugee stories 2016-04-19 The latest issue of Anthropology Now features the article “Syria to Sweden: Refugee Stories” written by Rasmus Rodineliussen, first year master’s student at the Department of Social Anthropology.
  • Stockholm University QS Rankings put anthropology at Stockholm University as number one in Sweden 2016-03-22 Stockholm University has Sweden’s top research and education within Anthropology according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2016.
  • Anette Nyqvist New book on Sweden’s remade national pension system 2016-03-17 Anette Nyqvist is the author of the new book “Reform and Responsibility in the Remaking of the Swedish National Pension System”, an anthropological study of Sweden’s mandatory national pension system introduced in 1999.
  • Helena Wulff Helena Wulff interviewed on anthropological writing 2016-03-02 Helena Wulff is interviewed by Jenny Lindblad on anthropological writing for Cultural Anthropology’s AnthroPod series focussing on writing routines, writer’s block, genres and differences between writing for an academic and a general audience.
  • PhD course on democracy and public engagement 2016-02-23 PhD students in anthropology and neighbouring disciplines are welcome to participate in the RESA course “Doing Anthropology on Democracy and Public Engagement”. The course takes place in April and May. Deadline for application is March 15.
  • IESBS Award to the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences 2016-02-11 The International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Elsevier) has won the PROSE Award for Excellence in Reference Works. Several members of the Department of Social Anthropology have contributed to its section for anthropology.
  • Assunta Hunter Assunta Hunter on fieldwork in Thailand and working as a practitioner of herbal medicine 2016-02-05 In this episode of AnthroTalking, we talk to Assunta Hunter, PhD in medical anthropology, and long-time herbal medicine practitioner and teacher of herbal medicine. She talks about her fieldwork and describes a new breed of practitioners in Thailand who move freely between ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ knowledge.
  • Farrah Jarral From savage to self – on the story of anthropology 2016-01-26 A series of programmes on the history of anthropology is currently being broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Each weekday for the next fortnight, a new episode will be aired and available online.
  • Barsebäck nuclear plant A personal take on Barsebäck nuclear plant 2016-01-12 In November last year, PhD students participating in the course Ethnographic Research Methods made a short field trip to the southwest of Sweden to conduct a study of Barsebäck nuclear plant. For her assignment, Jinyi Wang made a short ethnographic film.
  • AnthroTalking logo First day in the field 2015-12-21 AnthroTalking devotes the last episode of the year to the Department of Social Anthropology’s master’s students. Hear them report from the sites of their research projects and listen to their initial struggles and problems, but also successes and moments of first insights.
  • Paolo Favero interviewed about visual methods 2015-12-21 In the latest episode of the Cultural Anthropology podcast Nora Schröter and Jenny Lindblad talk with Paolo Favero about applying visual methods in the field. At the time of the interview, Nora and Jenny were master’s students at the Department of Social Anthropology.
  • Refugee Studies Centre workshop Video available from RSC Workshop: Refuge from Syria 2015-12-15 On December 9, the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford organised the one-day workshop “Refuge from Syria”. Professor Annika Rabo was there to present her research on formal and informal education in Syria, 1980-2010.
  • Photo: Ivana Maček. Published in Sarajevo Under Siege: Anthropology in Wartime by Ivana Maček (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009). “Dangerous Zone” (opasna zona) – When violence becomes everyday reality. A scene from the central Sarajevo, September 1994”. 20 years after Dayton peace deal 2015-12-14 Today, on December 14, is it exactly twenty years since agreement was reached in Dayton to end the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ivana Maček conducted a project in Sarajevo during the war and is now studying war experiences among Bosnians in Sweden.
  • Inge Daniels on amateur photographic practices in contemporary Japan 2015-12-08 In this episode of AnthroTalking, Inge Daniels talks about how the stereotype of Japanese people taking lots of photos can be said to carry some truth with it. Instead of associating photos with memories, to Japanese people, it is more about the future and looking forward, she argues.
  • AnthroTalking logo Exploring anthropological methods 2015-11-26 Even after years of studies, students and researchers of the discipline might find it difficult to pin down what exactly distinguishes anthropological research. In this episode, we are addressing the simple, yet much discussed and at times mystified question: “What is the anthropological method”?
  • Large grant to research on global foresight 2015-11-20 How are models for future scenarios produced and by whom? What do these models tell us about the proposed solutions for tackling urgent global challenges? Starting in 2016, Professor Christina Garsten will lead a new project on global foresight.
  • Christina Garsten. Photo: Eva Dalin Christina Garsten elected to AAA Executive Board 2015-11-17 Professor Christina Garsten has been elected to the Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association. She will assume the position when the association holds its annual meeting later this week.
  • Erica Lehrer and Paulina Fiejdasz on their project “Lucky Jews” 2015-11-05 In this episode of AnthroTalking we talk to Erica Lehrer and Paulina Fiejdasz on their multimedia project “Lucky Jews”. The project focuses on a series of small figurines of Jews that are popular in Poland. We talked about the intersection between anthropology and filmmaking.
  • Mark Graham editor of new Ashgate book series 2015-11-02 Mark Graham has been appointed editor with Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen of the new book series On Edge: Ethnographies and Theories of Threshold Phenomena (Ashgate).
  • Helena Wulff editor of new book series Palgrave Studies in Literary Anthropology 2015-10-12 Helena Wulff has been appointed editor with Deborah Reed-Danahay of the new book series Palgrave Studies in Literary Anthropology (Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Matthew Hull on studying materiality of bureaucratic practices in urban Pakistan 2015-09-30 In this episode of AnthroTalking we talk to Matthew Hull. He began his research in Islamabad with an interest in architecture and the built environment. Gradually, Matthew's attention shifted towards the role of files and documents in government practices.
  • Dolly Kikon receives Engaged Anthropology Grant 2015-09-14 Dolly Kikon, postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Social Anthropology, has been awarded a US$ 5,000 Wenner-Gren Engaged Anthropology Grant.
  • Ayo Wahlberg on ARTs and the routinization of sperm banking in China 2015-09-01 In this episode of AnthroTalking we interview Ayo Wahlberg about his current project on Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the routinization of sperm banking in China. Hear him also talk about his work on alternative medicine in Vietnam and the UK.
  • Special edition on the Mediterranean migration crisis 2015-07-02 The ongoing migration crisis in the Mediterranean has led to criticism of EU’s mismanagement of its humanitarian response. Hear Ruben Andersson, Shahram Khosravi and Peo Hansen discuss whom or what is to blame and what needs to be done to stop people from drowning.
  • Mark Graham on materiality within queer theory 2015-06-18 In this episode of AnthroTalking, Mark Graham explains his concept of materiality within queer theory and talks about the intriguing relation of queerness and smells. He also gives advice on how to talk about queer topics in everyday life.
  • Need WiFi? Connect to eurodam! 2015-06-18 Stockholm University IT services recommend that you use eurodam when using wireless network.
  • Gudrun Dahl on pastoralism in Kenya, victimhood, and moral buzzwords 2015-06-04 In this episode of AnthroTalking we interview Professor Gudrun Dahl on how her field of research has evolved from studying pastoralism in North-East Africa to development discourses, including notions of agency and victimization.
  • Ruben Andersson Prize for study on migration and border controls 2015-04-23 Ruben Andersson has received the BBC’s Thinking Allowed, in association with the British Sociological Association, annual Ethnography Award for his book “Illegality, Inc.: Clandestine Migration and the Business of Bordering Europe”.
  • New book about the integration of descendants of Turkish migrants in Stockholm 2015-04-20 A new book edited by Charles Westin has just been published: “The Integration of Descendants of Migrants from Turkey in Stockholm. The TIES Study in Sweden”. The book presents the results of the Integration of the Second Generation in Europe survey that examines the experiences of residents of Stockholm who are descended from Turkish migrants.
  • Workshop on Post-Deportation 2015-04-16 This half-day workshop aims to focus on what happens post-deportation. It is scheduled to take place on May 7 at Stockholm University and will have a limited number of participants working on post-deportation.
  • Thomas Fillitz visits the Department of Social Anthropology 2015-04-15 Starting Monday 20 April, the Department of Social Anthropology will be visited by Professor Thomas Fillitz, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna. Thomas Fillitz will teach the master course “Approaches to the Contemporary Anthropology of Art” and give the seminar “Anthropology, Biennials, and the Concept of Global Art”.
  • Charles Woolfson on austerity and the informalization of the labour market 2015-04-10 In this episode of AnthroTalking we talk to Charles Woolfson, who is professor of labour studies at the Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO) at Linköping University, Sweden. From a critical perspective, Charles Woolfson looks at processes of labour migration, industrial relations and working environments and is currently working on issues related to austerity programmes employed to restore and rehabilitate economic growth.
  • Anthro-history and anthropology in the museum 2015-03-25 The latest episodes of our podcast series feature interviews with Carolyn Hamilton, Professor at the University of Cape Town, and Michael Barrett, curator at the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm.
  • The fragile power of think tanks 2015-03-24 While think tanks often succeed in getting their message across, their power is much more fragile than often assumed, says Christina Garsten, Professor in Social Anthropology, in an article published on University of Oslo’s website.
  • Ruben Andersson Risks and challenges facing international forces in Mali 2015-02-25 In the premiere episode of the podcast AnthroTalking Ruben Andersson, researcher at the LSE and Stockholm University, is interviewed about his research on the ongoing international intervention in Mali.
  • Useful websites for anthropologists 2015-02-10 What is anthropology? How can I learn more about anthropological projects around the world? Choose a career in anthropology? What skills will I develop through a degree in anthropology? These two websites will give you the answers.
  • Don Kulick recruited to Uppsala University 2015-02-04 In January the Swedish Research Council took decisions on grants for the recruitment of international outstanding researchers out of which Uppsala University received a contribution to recruit Don Kulick. Don Kulick is a former colleague of the Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University from which he also earned his PhD.
  • New book: Anthropology Now and Next: Essays in Honor of Ulf Hannerz 2015-01-21 The book ‘Anthropology Now and Next: Essays in Honor of Ulf Hannerz’ was recently published by Berghahn Books. The book is edited by Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen (Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo), Professor Christina Garsten (Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University), and Professor Shalini Randeria (Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies). Ulf Hannerz is Professor Emeritus, Department of Social Anthropology.
  • Erik Olsson Wallenberg funding to research on social mobility and elite recruitment 2015-01-08 Professor Erik Olsson, Department of Social Anthropology, has received a research grant from the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation for a four-year project: “Pathways to Success: the upcoming elite among descendants of migrants in Sweden”.
  • Department co-organised workshop in India 2014-12-19 The Department of Social Anthropology and other faculties around the world arranged the methodological workshop ‘Roots and Bridges: Practicing Interdisciplinarity in Research on Northeast India’. The workshop was held in Guwahati, India between December 15 and 19.
  • Bengt G. Karlsson promoted to Professor 2014-12-03 The Vice-Chancellor has promoted Bengt G. Karlsson to Professor of Social Anthropology. Bengt G. Karlsson’s research focuses primarily on issues concerning indigenous peoples, natural resources and ethnic conflicts in India.
  • Alireza Behtoui Research project about impact of civil society organisations on student performance secures funding 2014-11-26 Alireza Behtoui, Associate Professor at the Department of Social Anthropology, has received a research grant from the Swedish Research Council for a three-year study on how civil society organisations can affect students’ performances in school.
  • Ulf Hannerz gave the annual Eric Wolf Lecture in Vienna 2014-11-17 Professor Emeritus Ulf Hannerz gave the 9th annual Eric Wolf Lecture in Vienna last week. The title of the lecture was “Writing Futures: An Anthropologist's View of Global Scenarios”. In this connection, he was also interviewed by the Vienna newspaper Der Standard.
  • New book by Mark Graham 2014-11-13 "Anthropological Explorations in Queer Theory" was recently published by Ashgate. The book is written by Mark Graham, Associate Professor at the Department of Social Anthropology. The book discusses central concerns of contemporary anthropology, drawing on both the latest anthropological research as well as classic theories.
  • Test Academic Video Online 2014-10-29 Through Academic Video Online from Alexander Street Press you have access to over 40,000 videos in many different disciplines such as anthropology, ethnography, environment and media. Stockholm University Library runs a test period of the database until December 7.
  • Mass Observation Online 2014-10-22 Stockholm University Library is currently offering access to the digitized archive Mass Observation Online.
  • Podcast of LSE event with Ruben Andersson on the fight against irregular migration now available 2014-10-16 Ruben Andersson, associated researcher at the Department of Social Anthropology and postdoctoral research fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science, recently participated together with Cecilia Malmström, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, in a panel discussion about the ‘business of bordering Europe’.
  • The cost and consequences of Europe's fight against irregular migration 2014-10-06 Ruben Andersson, associated researcher at the Department of Social Anthropology and postdoctoral research fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science, will on October 14 participate together with Cecilia Malmström, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, in a panel discussion about the ‘business of bordering Europe’.
  • Complexity of return migration covered in latest issue of Diaspora 2014-09-17 Professor Erik Olsson, Department of Social Anthropology, and Russell King, University of Sussex, are the special editors of the current issue of Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies. The issue deals with what happens to people in diaspora when they actually operationalize their return projects. The journal is accessible online for Stockholm University Library card holders.
  • De dolda rummens kunskap 2014-09-08 Professor Christina Garsten vid Socialantropologiska institutionen medverkar idag, måndag 8 september, i Vetandets värld i Sveriges Radio P1. Under rubriken ”De dolda rummens kunskap” kommer hon tillsammans med andra forskare att diskutera vad som händer då managementkonsulter allt oftare får i uppdrag att ta fram beslutsunderlag för politiker, istället för att forskare får utreda viktiga frågor.
  • Extensive ‘border industry’ controls path into Europe 2014-08-27 Ruben Andersson, associated researcher at the Department of Social Anthropology and postdoctoral research fellow at The London School of Economics and Political Science, recently came out with Illegality, Inc., a book about Europe’s counterproductive border controls. In a recent blog post on Border Criminologies he writes about a just held one-day migration conference at King’s College London that discussed ‘the borders of Europe’.
  • Asta Vonderau Transnationality and the public sphere 2014-08-25 A recently published anthology gathers chapter on transnationality and the public sphere. The book, entitled ‘Transnationalität und Öffentlichkeit. Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven’ (Transnationality and Public Sphere. Interdisciplinary Perspectives), is edited by Asta Vonderau, postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Social Anthropology, and Caroline Schmitt at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz.
  • Ruben Andersson wins 2014 Maria Baganha Dissertation Award 2014-08-11 The winner of the 2014 IMISCOE - Maria Ioannis Baganha Dissertation Award is Ruben Andersson, associated researcher at the Department of Social Anthropology and postdoctoral research fellow at The London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • New book about research on massive political violence 2014-06-23 Ivana Maček, researcher at the Department of Social Anthropology, is the editor of the new book “Engaging Violence Trauma, memory and representation” which examines how scholars, students and professionals who work with and are engaged in violence deal with the inevitable emotional stress and trauma that they experience.
  • Asta Vonderau New book by Asta Vonderau 2014-05-20 A new book co-edited by Asta Vonderau, postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Social Anthropology, has just been published: Formationen des Politischen. Anthropologie politischer Felder.
  • Educational project highlighted in Lebanese newspaper 2014-04-29 A recent article in L'Orient le Jour – Lebanon’s largest French-language newspaper – describes the research project “Future citizens in pedagogic texts and educational policy. Examples from Lebanon, Sweden and Turkey” led by Professor Annika Rabo at the Department of Social Anthropology.
  • Sandra Wallman among Stockholm University’s honorary doctorates 2014 2014-04-15 Stockholm University has now chosen this year’s honorary doctors, all of whom have contributed in distinctive ways to the University's activities in research and education. Prominent names include Sandra Wallman, a leading social anthropologist and Emeritus Professor at University College London.
  • Annika Rabo Interpreting conspiracy talk in Syria 2014-03-25 In the recently published book Conspiracy Theories in the United States and the Middle East. A Comparative Approach, Annika Rabo, researcher in the Department of Social Anthropology, writes about everyday talk of evil planning and conspiracies by powerful others in contemporary Syria.
  • Ulf Hannerz interviewed by Dominic Boyer 2014-01-17 In the latest issue of Public Culture (vol 26, no 1, 2014) Dominic Boyer professor of anthropology, Rice University interviews Ulf Hannerz, professor emeritus of social anthropology, Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University.
  • Ruben Andersson Ethnographic perspectives on border controls 2013-12-17 The recently concluded international workshop on ethnographies of border controls organised by Ruben Andersson and Shahram Khosravi, Department of Social Anthropology, reflected on both the nature of contemporary border controls and how to approach these ethnographically. In a post on the Border Criminologies blog, Ruben Andersson writes about the workshop.
  • Student Barometer helps towards increasing service to international students 2013-11-20 Participation in the International Student Barometer has helped Stockholm University see the needs of international students more clearly.
  • Is a world without borders utopian? 2013-11-04 In The Silent University - Tensta Reader # 1 Shahram Khosravi, researcher in the Department of Social Anthropology, writes about a world without borders. The article is entitled Is a world without borders utopian? The Silent University is an alternative knowledge platform that has been established as part of the exhibition Reports from New Sweden at Tensta konsthall.
  • Asta Vonderau Project on perceptions of cloud and its environmental effects receives RJ funding 2013-10-28 On October 24 Riksbankens Jubileumsfond decided on research funding for 2013. Asta Vonderau, researcher in the Department of Social Anthropology, was awarded funding for a research project on the digital cloud. The project aims to better understand internet’s materiality and to address the risk of an energy crisis of information.
  • The Japanese House 2013-10-28 Dr. Inge Daniels, University of Oxford, recently visited the Department of Social Anthropology as one of our guest researchers. As part of our visual anthropology stream the department has produced a short film during which Inge discusses her recent research on Japanese material culture.
  • Rebecca Empson Rebecca Empson on her stay as Guest Researcher in the Department 2013-10-25 Dr Rebecca Empson, Department of Anthropology, University College London, has been a Guest Researcher in the Department of Social Anthropology this autumn. Rebecca Empson conducts research in Inner and East Asia and has among other things done long-term fieldwork with herding families along the Mongolian Russian border.
  • James Siegel interviewed by Johan Lindquist 2013-10-22 In the latest issue of Public Culture, Johan Lindquist, Associate Professor at the Department of Social Anthropology, interviews James Siegel, Professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies.
  • New book on forced migration 2013-10-10 People on the Move. Experiences of Forced Migration edited by Charles Westin and Sadia Hassanen deals with various issues of forced migration from developing countries, in some cases to neighbouring countries, in others to countries in the developed world. Charles Westin is Emeritus Professor of International Migration and Ethnic Relation and Sadia Hassanen, PhD, is an affiliated researcher, both at the Department of Social Anthropology.
  • Performance of immigrant children in education and the labour market discussed in new article 2013-10-04 Associate professor Alireza Behtoui and Professor Erik Olsson, Department of Social Anthropology, argue in a new article published in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies that it is more difficult for offspring of immigrants, compared with young people who have native parents, to achieve a social status appropriate to their skills and merits.
  • Sanjay Kak Sanjay Kak visits Stockholm University 2013-10-03 Sanjay Kak, documentary filmmaker from India, will visit the University on October 11 and 14.
  • Mahmoud Keshavarz Researchers met for talks on Afghanistan and migration 2013-09-25 The conference Migration and displacement in and from Afghanistan concluded on Saturday. Organised by Shahram Khosravi, Department of Social Anthropology, it brought together researchers with an interest in Afghanistan and its diaspora. Participants included, among others, Mahmoud Keshavarz from Asylgruppen i Malmö, who was also interviewed by Swedish Radio’s broadcast in Persian.
  • Network on diaspora studies meets in Germany 2013-09-23 The Department of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University is one of the partners of CoHaB, a Marie Curie Initial Training Network, focusing on diaspora studies. On September 22 the network began an international conference in Germany.
  • Chapter on Sweden’s pension system reviewed in reputable journal 2013-08-30 The book chapter "Sweden's National Pension System as a Political Technology" by Anette Nyqvist is reviewed in the latest issue of the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute.
  • Annika Rabo Traders flee fighting in Aleppo 2013-07-03 The war in Syria has ruined the economy of Aleppo and many of the city's traders have left the country. Some are trying to continue trading in neighbouring countries and learn how to cope without the confidence and relationships and networks that the business culture in Aleppo depended on. Annika Rabo, Professor of social anthropology with extensive experience of research on Syria, was recently quoted in the media about the traders’ situation. Her book, A Shop of One's Own Independence and Reputation among Traders in Aleppo, is now available for free download.
  • Latest issue of JBA out now 2013-06-20 A new issue (Vol 2, No 1) of the Journal of Business Anthropology was recently published. Professor Christina Garsten at the Department of Social Anthropology is its editor together with Professor Brian Moeran at Copenhagen Business School.
  • Network on diaspora studies organises international conference 2013-06-17 The Department of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University is one of the partners of CoHaB, a Marie Curie Initial Training Network, focusing on diaspora studies. In September the network is organising an international conference in Germany.
  • Information on previously announced PhD studentship 2013-05-22 The process of admission to the PhD program is completed.
  • Khachig Tölölyan Filmed lecture by Khachig Tölölyan 2013-05-22 On October 23 2012, Khachig Tölölyan presented: “Claiming diasporas, reclaiming diaspora studies”.
  • Avtar Brah Filmed lecture with Avtar Brah 2013-05-22 On December 11 2012, Avtar Brah presented: “Multiple Formations of Power: Articulations of Diaspora and Intersectionality.”
  • New book analyses ethnographic fieldwork in complex organisations 2013-05-20 Organisational Anthropology is a pioneering analysis of doing ethnographic fieldwork in different types of complex organisations.
  • Thomas Faist on transnationality and the social position of migrants 2013-02-21 Thomas Faist, Professor of Transnational, Development and Migration Studies, Faculty of Sociology, University of Bielefeld, visited the Department of Social Anthropology earlier this year. He gave the lecture "Social Inequalities: What Role for Transnationality?", as part of the Transnational migration seminar series.
  • New publication: Modernities on the Move 2013-02-11 Modernities on the Move by Gudrun Dahl, Örjan Bartholdson, Paolo Favero and Shahram Khosravi is a new publication in the Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis series Stockholm Studies in Social Anthropology N.S. The book emanates from three studies of youngsters and young adults in Tehran, Delhi and Salvador.
  • Thomas Faist Filmed lecture with Thomas Faist 2013-02-07 On January 22 2013, Thomas Faist presented: “Social Inequalities: What Role for Transnationality?”
  • Public defence of thesis/viva - Erik Nilsson 2012-10-24 On Friday November 2, 2012, Erik Nilsson will defend his dissertation Conserving the American Dream: Faith and Politics in the U.S. Heartland.

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