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What is Social Anthropology?

Anthropology has been studying the social and cultural variation of human beings for well over a century. What distinguishes it from other disciplines is its attention to human differences and its commitment to long-term fieldwork, ethnography.


  • Information about teaching during the fall semester 2021 2021-06-03 Since the Swedish Public Health Agency has withdrawn the recommendation for distance education for universities, the Department of Social Anthropology will shift to teaching on campus during the fall semester of 2021 on the undergraduate and advanced levels.
  • New book (in Swedish) about Megaprojects 2021-04-28 In YMER 2021, megaprojects are explored in different parts of the world. The authors are cultural and social anthropologists, cultural geographers and political scientists who, from their respective perspectives, show that megaprojects are characterized by politics and that power relations are central to their design, creation and social effects.
  • Re-made in Sweden: Success Stories in a Swedish Migration Context 2021-04-09 New publication by Erik Olsson, Professor of International Migration and Ethnic Relations at Stockholm University
  • After Suez: Have the containerships grown too big? 2021-04-06 During six days in March 2021, “Ever Given”, an ultra-large containership run by a Taiwanese shipping company and flagged in Panama, was stuck in the Suez Canal. Hege Høyer Leivestad explains why containerships have become too big and the consequences of this exceptional growth for infrastructure, the environment and people’s working conditions.
  • Failed Futures Workshop, Stockholm University, SCORE 2021-03-30 Failed Futures Workshop, Stockholm University, SCORE Virtual event 15/4 - by invitation only

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