The courses offer advanced studies in anthropological theory and method, as well as specialization through a wide selection of elective courses. The Master’s Thesis takes up a whole term.

For some courses and for the Master’s Thesis you need credits in social anthropology at basic or advanced levels, as indicated in the course descriptions. In order to get a degree, you must fulfil existing criteria, including a Bachelor’s degree of at least 180 HE credits or equivalent.

The selection of courses varies from term to term.

The following courses are offered during spring 2013

Course 1
Anthropology of the Global Economy

Course 2
Media Anthropology

Urban Anthropology: Cities in the Middle East

Course 3
Anthropological Perspectives on Organizations

Course 4
Feminism, Capitalism and the Marketplace


Note that a selected number of the listed courses are offered at the Department of Social Anthropology each year. The course may vary from one year to another. Click here from a more comlete list.