All courses and programmes are divided into three cycles

First cycle

Bachelor’s Degree 180 credits

Second cycle

Master’s Degree (2 years) 120 credits

Third cycle

Doctoral/PhD Degree 240 credits

Credit system

A full-time workload is 30 credits per terms and 60 credits per a normal 40-week academic year. The system is compatible with ECTS credits.

The Academic Year contains two terms: Autumn term and Spring term. One term runs for 20 weeks. Each term is divided in four periods: A, B, C and D.

Term dates

Grading system

Stockholm University uses a seven-point grading scale related to the learning objects of the course, unless otherwise prescribed in the course syllabus.

The following grading scale is used:

Fail (F, FX), Sufficient (E), Satisfactory (D), Good (C), Very Good (B), Excellent (A).