Doctoral level education is expected to require four years of fulltime studies (240 credits).

The program consists of set courses and the writing of a dissertation. The courses comprise 75 credits in total.

The dissertation work is expected to take 5 terms of fulltime study, of which approximately 2 terms are devoted to fieldwork.

General syllabus PhD program (341 Kb)

PhD supervisors

  • Alireza Behtoui
  • Christina Garsten
  • Mark Graham
  • Eva Maria Hardtmann
  • Beppe Karlsson
  • Shahram Khosravi
  • Johan Lindquist
  • Ivana Maček
  • Anette Nyqvist
  • Erik Olsson
  • Annika Rabo
  • Paula Uimonen
  • Helena Wulff

Educational guidelines

Below you will find templates for postgraduate studies.