Font: Times New Roman.
Size: 12 points within main text.
Line spacing: 1.5
Margin: 2.5 cm left, right, top, and bottom.
Title and name of author: Optional font and size.
Headings: Same font and size as in main text. Heading 1 (bold), Heading 2 (italics), Heading 3 (underlined).
Paragraphs: Blank line between paragraphs.
Pagination: In header, on right-hand side.
Quotes: Quotations longer than 30 words should be in a separate paragraph, left indent 1 cm, 10 points. Quotations shorter than 30 words are written in the main text.
Tables: Same font and size as in main text.
Footnotes: (For comments that are not placed in the main text.) Same font as in main text. Size 10 points.


References in main text

The body can serve as a model for any closed system (Douglas 2004:164). (author year: page)


Mary Douglas (2004:164) argues that the body can serve as a model for any closed system.

Reference list


Geertz, Clifford. 1973. The Interpretation of Cultures. New York: Basic Books

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(If you refer to classical writings in the main text, it is customary to refer to the year the book was originally published, even if you have a later edition. Include both years in the reference list, with the original year of publication within square brackets.)

McGee, Jon R. & Richard L. Warms. 2008. Anthropological Theory. An Introductory History, 4th Edition. London: McGraw Hill.
(When there are two authors, you should use ”&” between the names. If there are three or more authors, write all names separated by a comma and “&” between the last two authors’ names. Also note that it is only the surname of the first author that precedes the first name.)

Chapter in books
Ortner, Sherry B. 2008 [1974]. Is Female to Male as Nature is to Culture? In Anthropological Theory: An Introductory History. Jon R. McGee & Richard Warms (eds.). London: McGraw Hill.

Article in journal
Mead, Margaret. 1939. Native Languages as Fieldwork Tools. American Anthropologist vol. 41, no. 2, pp. 189-205.

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Articles in newspapers
Smith, Anna. 2006. How to refer to newspapers. The New York Times 2006-02-10.

Internet sources
Material collected from the internet is referred to in the same way as printed sources, with author and publication year (if possible). Add the complete link and the date you accessed it. Save the material you have referred to in the form of a print copy or file in your computer.

Johansson, Bo. 2005. Transnational Transgressions: The Case of a Transgendered Diaspora. (2005-12-06) Saved copy in author’s possession.