Master program, year 1

Course 1

SAM225 History and Philosophy of Anthropological Theory 15 credits
Lecturer: Asta Vonderau and Hans Tunestad
Schedule SAM225 (45 Kb)
Literature SAM225 (542 Kb)
Course plan for SAM225 (242 Kb)

Course 2

SAM226 Key Themes in Contemporary Anthropology 15 credits
Lecturer: Annika Rabo
Key Themes in Contemporary Anthropology (369 Kb)
Course plan for SAM226 (282 Kb)


Master program, year 2

Course 1+2

SAM214 Individual tutorial, 7.5 credits
Lecturer: Marie LarssonRenita ThedvallAsta Vonderau and Darcy Pan
Course plan for  SAM214 (250 Kb)

SAM203 Social Antropological Method, 7.5 credits
Lecturer: Paula Uimonen
Social Anthropological Methods Literature and Schedule (14 Kb)
Course plan for SAM203 (253 Kb)

Course 3

SAM219 Anthropological fieldwork 15 credits
Lecturer: Ivana Maček
Literature (TBA)
Course plan for SAM219 (248 Kb)