Mikkel Flyverbom
Mikkel Flyverbom

Mikkel Flyverbom has been named a Research Fellow at Center for Information Technology and Society (CITS) at University of California, Santa Barbara from 2018-2021. Other affiliates include Stephen Barley and Paul Leonardi.

CITS is dedicated to interdisciplinary research and education that seeks to understand and help shape the complex development, use, and social effects of information technologies. We foster cutting edge research across engineering, social sciences, and humanities through dynamic connections with academia, industry, and government.

“CITS is at its best when we grapple with questions that are too big for any academic discipline to understand on its own”, Professor Joe Walther, CITS Director & Bertelsen Presidential Chair in Technology and Society, UCSB

See link for more information: http://www.cits.ucsb.edu/people/mikkel-flyverbom

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