Mark Maguire
Mark Maguire

About the project

Mark Maguire is interested in how the threatening near future is perceived, conceived and lived by security 'experts', from those working in security agencies and institutions to those operating in broader networks. He is exploring the ways in which the future is secured in major critical infrastructure sites such as transport hubs and is especially interested in ethnographic and other detailed accounts of space and time factors in counter-terrorism training. As part of his project, Mark is working with colleagues in the security sector to explore the first ten minutes of terrorist attacks, in order to understand human behaviour and better prepare the public for the future.

Short biography

Mark Maguire is Head of the Maynooth University Department of Anthropology. He researches different aspects of security, from new technologies and their deployments to terrorist threats and counterterrorism approaches. He is author of several books on migration. Recently he co-edited The anthropology of security: perspectives from the front line of policing, counter-terrorism and border control (Pluto 2014). He is currently co-editing Bodies of Evidence: anthropological perspectives on security, knowledge and power for Duke University Press. He is a convener of The Anthropology of Security Network, a former editor of Social Anthropology, and he twice held visiting professorships in Stanford University, California.

Selected publications



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