During the autumn 2017 a group of researchers at the Department of Social Anthropology and the Department of History has been engaged in the planning of Forum for Transnational Migration Research. The aim of the Forum is to develop and intensify the collaboration in migration research at Stockholm University by introducing an interdisciplinary PhD course on transnational migration and a high-profiled seminar series on the same theme.

Hence, the PhD course and the seminars will be the two main and interlinked components of the Forum. The idea is to integrate the high-profiled seminars in the training of PhD students while simultaneously bringing researchers into the training environment of the PhD course. The Forum will have a particular focus on refugee migration and how the migration routes develop and are organized in relation to border-regimes and governmental control.

Forum for Transnational Migration Research will be launched in 2018 starting with the seminar series where a number of world-leading migration scholars are invited to present their works. The first scholar to perform in the series is Professor Thomas Faist from Bielefeld University on Wednesday February 21. The PhD course will start in autumn 2018 and will be accorded with additional thematic seminars convened by the Forum. Forum for Transnational Migration Research is funded by the strategic action of Områdesnämnden för humanvetenskap at Stockholm University.