Eva Lundgren

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Homelike Housing for Elderly People
This project analyzes how ideas of what’s being homelike are produced in the geriatric care in Sweden. The starting-point for the study is the heavily emphasized ideology of being homelike, and its consequences for the design of the content and physical environment. Since 1992, this ideology has strongly characterized the institutionalized elderly-care in Sweden, yet few studies have examined its implications on the quality of care. Field-work has been conducted in three institutions: one re-constructed, small-scale institution in the province of Dalarna, one new-built, large-scale institution in the city of Stockholm, and one re-constructed, large-scale institution in the suburbs of Stockholm.

The study shows that the concept of being homelike constitutes an arena for ideological and aesthetic struggles, where people on different positions and with different dispositions fight for right of interpretation. In the interpretation, regional and cultural variations such as local identity, class, age, gender and ethnicity are of significant importance. The study also shows that the elderly who live at the institutions often might embody different ideas of what’s being homelike, than those which are possible to adopt and apply within the institutions.

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