E-mail: camelia.dewan@gender.su.se

Camelia has taught part time at the department since 2015 and is currently a lecturer in Environmental Anthropology and Political Ecology at the department. She obtained her PhD in Social Anthropology and Environment from the University of London in 2017. Her doctoral work consisted of intercollegiate and interdisciplinary collaboration between the Department of Geography, Environment and Development Studies (Birkbeck College) and the Department of Social Anthropology (SOAS).


Her thesis “Crisis Beyond Climate Change: An ethnography of development interventions, environmental degradation and gendered livelihoods in coastal Bangladesh” was awarded the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Sutasoma award. It demonstrates how a simplified climate change narrative fails to comprehend the multitude of interlinked processes affecting livelihoods in Bangladesh’s coastal zone. It combines archival research with ethnography to create a historically informed conceptualisation of economic development, its environmental impact and how local populations experience such changes. The study deconstructs the notion of Bangladesh as a climate change ‘victim’ and discusses the way in which climate change as a development discourse may ignore processes of anthropogenic environmental degradation and increase vulnerability to climate risk.

Her research interests include environmental anthropology and political ecology, the anthropology of development, South Asia, gender, the anthropology of climate change, food studies, agriculture and rural livelihoods and human-nonhuman relations.


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  • Dewan, Camelia, Marie-Charlotte Buisson, and Aditi Mukherji (2014) ‘The Imposition of Participation? The Case of Participatory Water Management in Coastal Bangladesh’ in Humpreys, E., T.P. Tuong, M-C. Buisson, I. Pkinskis and M. Phillips (eds) Revitalizing the Ganges Coastal Zone: Turning Science into Policy and Practices: Conference Proceedings. Colombo, Sri Lanka: CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF). 
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