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Gladis Aguirre has been a PhD student at Stockholm University since 2006, after having completed a BA in Social Anthropology and a Master in Latin American Studies in Quito, Ecuador. During her doctoral studies she has been a visiting researcher with Autonoma University of Barcelona and Oxford University. Her main areas of academic interest concern economic anthropology, long distance relationships, migration, globalization, gender, domestic work, economy of care, morality and relations of emotions and capital.


Between Ecuador and Barcelona: Adjusting Family, Migration and Care in a Neoliberal Age
This study deals with topics of female migration and family transformations in the context of the global economy. Categories of care, emotion and flexibility are explained here through ethnographic information provided by Ecuadorian women in Barcelona and their worries for atender or cuidar (attend to or care for) their beloved ones in their home country, as well as by responses of migrant women’s relatives in Ecuador. A “double life” between two countries is given meaning and made connected through ideals of family, gender and intergenerational relations. Individuals (working as caregivers) fill the gaps of care in two societies, two families – their nuclear and extended families in Ecuador, and the Spanish families who employ them in Barcelona. The study focuses on the reciprocal responsibilities of care that imply to be an adult daughter to aged parents or/and a mother of small children. In a general sense, this study places the topic of family relationships in the global context where flexibility is currently the mode of organizing finances and labour markets, and consequently, intimate family life.