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Ioannis Tsoukalas received BA degrees in Psychology (2002) and Social Anthropology (2002) from Stockholm University. Since 2003 he has been a PhD candidate at the Department of Social Anthropology, and is currently working on a dissertation project with the preliminary title “Erasmus students as apprentice cosmopolitans”. He has previously been a member of the interdisciplinary research project KOSMOPOLIT as well as a research fellow at the Stockholm Center for Organizational Research (SCORE).

Academic interests: ethnicity, social identity, youth culture, cognitive science, dreams, social psychology, psychotherapy, network analysis, religion. 


ERASMUS students as apprentice cosmopolitans

The concept ”cosmopolitanism” has in recent years, thanks to increasing globalization, received renewed popularity in the academic and political debate. The aim of the present study is to investigate the cultural processes that currently take place within the European Union (EU) and that eventually are relevant for the development of such a cosmopolitan awareness and lifestyle. More specifically it will focus on the ERASMUS student exchange program, which has quite dramatically changed student life in many European universities during the last five years. It is almost as if a new student- and youth culture has emerged as a result of this politically motivated program. A large number of students thus circulate continuously within the borders of the European Union, staying long periods of time in different countries before returning to their home universities. The ethnographic material for this study will therefore consist of participant observation and interviews with such exchange students.




Selected publications



  • The Double Life of Erasmus students. In M. Byram and F. Dervin (eds.) Students, Staff and Academic Mobility in Higher Education. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


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  • Flexibel arbetsmarknad i fokus – en studie av nya anställningsförhållanden. Stockholm Center of Organizational Research (SCORE): Working Paper. (title in English: Flexible labour market in focus – a study of new employment forms)
  • Flexibel arbetsmarknad i fokus – en studie av nya anställningsförhållanden. Report to the Swedish Agency for Government Employers.

Conferences, workshops


  • 31st Annual Dream Conference, “Golden Gateway to Dreams”, Berkeley (USA), June 4-8. Session Chairman (Theory).

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