Kajsa Rudberg
Kajsa Rudberg

Telephone: +46 (0)8 16 26 94
E-mail: kajsa.rudberg@socant.su.se
Room: B660

PhD student in Social anthropology since the autumn of 2013. My main fields of interests are school, education, youth, and gender.

Project description

The Swedish school and education system are constantly debated. In recent years, the discussions have largely concerned deteriorating study results and one often expressed point of view is that the Swedish school suffers from many problems. A question not discussed as often is students leaving school early, something that has become more frequent in Sweden in recent times. It is this phenomenon I explore in my PhD project. Through field work at two Swedish schools I want to investigate the causes and social processes that lay behind early school leaving. I here focus on class, gender and ethnicity aspects, as well as psychological factors. Of particular interest is the encounter between students and the school as an institution: the relations and processes that occur here and how these can be understood in relation to the early school leaving question.

Selected publications



  • Politik, konflikt och transnationalism (SA1002)

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