Kajsa Rudberg
Kajsa Rudberg

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E-mail: kajsa.rudberg@socant.su.se

PhD student in Social anthropology since the autumn of 2013. My main fields of interests are school, education, youth, and gender.

Project description

In my PhD project I explore how pupils are sorted and sort themselves as different kinds of pupils in two Swedish schools. The schools are located in a residential area where the majority of the inhabitants have a less privileged socioeconomic background – therefore the two schools, so to speak, belong to the “losing side” in the segregated Swedish school system. In the thesis I explore and discuss how the pupils are ascribed different pupil positionings by teachers and class mates and also take such positionings themselves. I seek to understand this sorting of pupils in the light of social relations between the pupils, between the pupils and teachers and between the teachers. Moreover, I relate the processes of attribution and positioning to other processes taking place in school. Since the school is an institution reflecting prevailing conditions in society and through which such conditions are being reproduced I also seek to understand the attribution and positioning processes in relation to more overarching social contexts of which the school and its pupils and teachers are a part. In particular, I here focus on the school as a sorting and class “excluding” institution and prevailing discursive conceptions of pupils, the school and education in broader terms.

Selected publications



  • Politik, konflikt och transnationalism (SA1002)

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