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Karin Ahlberg

E-mail: karin.ahlberg@socant.su.se

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About me

Karin Ahlberg joined the Department of Social Anthropology as a researcher and lecturer in 2019. She holds a MSc in Sociotechnical System Engineering (2007) and a BA in History from Uppsala University (2007). She has MA in Social Anthropology with focus on Migration and Diaspora Studies from SOAS University of London (2009). She received her PhD from the same department in 2017. Her PhD thesis They are destroying the image of Egypt - Tourism, statecraft and infrastructures of image making, 1990-2013 examines entanglements between tourism, statecraft and national image curation in the context of contemporary Egypt. It is based on twenty months of fieldwork in Cairo in the aftermath of the 2011 Revolution. Ahlberg is turning her dissertation into a book manuscript with the working title Brand New Egypt. Between 2017 and 2018, she held a Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago.

Ahlberg’s new research project explores the afterlife of the Suez Canal and Lessepsian migration from a more-than-human perspective.

Research interests: Egypt, the Middle East and the Mediterranean | More-than-human studies, Lessepsian/marine species migration, the Suez Canal | Politics of tourism, tourist workers, statecraft, national image curation, marketing and the politics of information | Revolutions, aftermaths and anthropological knowledge production.


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  • [under review] “Exhausting the male body:  A shock absorber between social expectations and capitalist precarity,” Chapter in edited volume on Economies of the Male Body in Egypt to be published with AUC press.
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  • Socialantropologi I. Den mänskliga tankevärlden: symboler, stabilitet och förändring, 7,5 hp
  • Socialantropologi I. Politik, konflikt och transnationalism, 7,5 hp
  • Socialantropologi III & Global Utveckling. Handledare Kandidatuppsatser