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Paula specializes in digital anthropology and anthropology of art, visual culture, media and globalization. Her current project on African women writers, which focuses on feminism and cosmopolitanism, builds on fieldwork in Nigeria and Tanzania, see The project is part of the research programme Cosmopolitan and vernacular dynamics in world literatures (2016-2021), funded by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation (Riksbankens Jublieumsfond, RJ), see Paula is also doing research in the project Collecting Social Photo, which is coordinated by the Nordic Museum. The project investigates how museums can collect contemporary photographs in social media, see Paula’s recent publications focus on mobile photography in Tanzania (2016), digital narratives in anthropology (2016), mobile infrastructure in Africa (2015), and mourning rituals for Mandela in Cape Town (2015). Previously, Paula has done research on digital media and intercultural cooperation at a national institute for art and culture in Tanzania. This research was published in the monograph Digital Drama. Teaching and Learning Art and Media in Tanzania (Uimonen 2012), in the Routledge Innovative Ethnographies book series with an accompanying website at In another project, Paula has focused on corruption in Tanzania. The study was based on an anti-corruption campaign carried out by Tanzanian musicians and presented in an ethnographic road movie Chanjo ya Rushwa (vaccination against corruption) (2013), available on YouTube and Vimeo, see Paula has also been active in information and communication technology for development (ICT4D), most recently as director of The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (Spider) at Stockholm University (2011-2013), previously as ICT4D consultant to the UN, Sida, and Tanzanian authorities as well as global policy making (WSIS 2003, 2005).

Visiting Professor, Department of Social and Cultural Anthroplogy, Universität Wien, 23/11-4/12 2015.



  • Efuru@50. The film is based on ethnographic research by Paula Uimonen. Filmed in Nigeria, the documentary film was produced by Paula Uimonen and Yaki Bozi in Tanzania in February 2017.


  • Chanjo ya Rushwa. An ethnographic road movie. Chanjo ya Rushwa (Vaccination against Corruption) is an ethnographic road movie about a campaign against corruption through music, mobiles and social media. The film builds on anthropological research by Paula Uimonen, assisted by John Sagatti and Vincent Ssekamatte.

Selected publications




  • Uimonen, Paula. 2013. Visual identity in Facebook. In Visual Studies Volume 28, Issue 2, pages 122-135.
  • Uimonen, Paula. 2013. Mediated Agency: Music and Media against Corruption in Tanzania. ICT for Anti-Corruption, Democracy and Education in East Africa. Spider ICT4D Series No. 6. Stockholm: Spider.
  • Uimonen, Paula. 2013. Chanjo ya Rushwa. An ethnographic road movie.



  • Uimonen, Paula. 2011. African art students and digital learning. In Interactive media use and youth: learning, knowledge exchange and behaviour. Elza Dunkels, Gun-Marie Frånberg and Camilla Hällgren (eds.). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. Page 222-239


  • Uimonen, Paula. 2009. Internet, arts and translocality in Tanzania. Social Anthropology/Anthropologie sociale, 17 (3): 276-290
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  • Uimonen, Paula. ICT User Study at Bagamoyo College of Arts. Bagamoyo College of Arts and Sida/Embassy of Sweden Dar es Salaam, April 2006. Published with multimedia report.
  • Uimonen, Paula and Simbo Ntiro. "The Impact of WSIS on Tanzania’s ICT4D Landscape", in Beyond Tunis: Flightplan. Kuala Lumpur: Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP).


  • Uimonen, Paula. "Networking as a Form of Life: The Transnational Movement of Internet Pioneers", in New Technologies at Work: People, Screens and Social Virtuality, C. Garsten and H. Wulff (eds), Oxford: Berg. Page 145-163
  • Uimonen, Paula. "Mediated Management of Meaning: On-line Nation Building in Malaysia", in Global Networks: A Journal of Transnational Affairs, special issue on Globalization, Creolization, and Cultural Complexity: Essays in Honour of Ulf Hannerz. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, Vol. 3, No. 3: 299-314
  • Uimonen, Paula. "Networks of Global Interaction", in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Volume 16, Number 2, pp. 273-286.


  • Uimonen, Paula. Transnational.Dynamics@Development.Net: Internet, Modernization and Globalization. Stockholm Studies in Social Anthropology, no. 49. Stockholm: Almqvist och Wiksell International.

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  • Global utveckling introduktionskurs
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  • Digital Anthropology
  • Media Anthropology
  • Thesis supervision (undergraduate and master level)
  • Social Anthropological Method
  • Classics in Anthropology (PhD course)

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  • Swedish Higher Education Authority: examiner of entitlement to award qualification

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  • Indevelop/Sida: Evaluation of ICT in Teachers Training Colleges (Tanzania), January-April




  • Tanzania in a Digital Era, lecture at the SVETAN networking fair for Tanzania, Röda Korsets Folkhögskola, 22 November



  • Kultur i kläm på konstskolan. Habari, No. 1/2015, p. 6

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