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Siri Schwabe is a researcher and teacher at the Department of Social Anthropology. She joined the department as a PhD student with the Marie Curie CoHaB network in 2012 and defended her thesis entitled "Promised Lands: Memory, Politics, and Palestinianness in Santiago de Chile" in 2016. Siri also holds an MSc and a BSc in Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen. Her main research interests include: diaspora, memory, place, and popular politics.


Siri’s doctoral research investigated politics and Palestinianness in Santiago de Chile and focused especially on practices and narratives related to memory and resistance. Based on long-term fieldwork within Palestinian-Chilean networks, organizations, and places her thesis explores how an inherently political Palestinianness is constituted, expressed and explored via memory on the one hand and processes related to space and place on the other. By interrogating Palestinianness within the distinct context of present-day Santiago, the thesis unsettles and reconfigures conceptualizations of the relationship between memory, space, and politics. It does so by delving into the ambiguities at play in Palestinian-Chilean relationships to the often uncomfortable memory politics of post-dictatorship and the ongoing Palestinian struggle respectively. To shed light on the dynamics at play, transmemory is introduced as a concept that seeks to capture the spatial and spatially mobile qualities of memory. The thesis argues that by engaging with traveling memories of life and conflict in the old land and simultaneously rejecting involvement with continuously troubling memories of the recent Chilean past, Palestinian-Chileans form a collective politics of Palestinianness that is nonetheless distinctly marked by an inescapable Chileanness.

Selected publications


  • “A Struggle for Space (Elsewhere): Marching for Gaza in Santiago de Chile.” In Spatial Justice and Diaspora, edited by Sarah Keenan and Emma Patchett. Oxford: Counterpress



  • Communication and Aesthetics

Guest research visits

Research networks



  • “Unfinished Histories and Emergent Futures,” presented at the Work in Progress seminar series, Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University
  • “Between Two Conflicts: Palestinian Memory and the Politics of Forgetting in Post-Dictatorship Chile,” presented at the Institute of Latin American Studies, Stockholm University


  • “Place, Politics, and the Geography of Memory,” presented at the Work in Progress seminar series, Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University
  • CEIFO seminar on Transnational Migration, Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University: "Palestinian places in Santiago de Chile: Tracing diasporic politics" May 19


  • VIII Seminario en Investigación Antropológica Contemporánea, Ponticia Universidad de Chile. Paper: “La resistencia en juego: controversias en torno a la camiseta del Club Deportivo Palestino en la ciudad de Santiago” April 30
  • Work in Progress, Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University. Paper: “Engaging with Palestine from Santiago de Chile” November 20

Conferences, workshops


  • “Politics of the Unfinished: Challenging Temporalities on the Streets of Santiago de Chile,” presented at the ASA2016 (Annual Conference of the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth) in Durham, UK
  • “Making Heritage Make Sense: Remembering the Violence of Colonia Dignidad,” presented at SANT2016 (Annual Conference of the Swedish Anthropological Association) in Gothenburg, Sweden


  • Presented the paper "Club Palestino: A Palestinian place in Santiago de Chile" at the 7th International Conference of Critical Geography in Ramallah, Palestine.
  • Presented the paper "At home in the struggle: Diasporic narratives of Palestinian resistance" at the conference "Diaspora: A one-day conference on a travelling concept," Stockholm University, September 9

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