E-mail: victor.alneng@socant.su.se

Victor Alneng has been a doctoral candidate since the autumn of 2001 and has foremost directed his interest to issues concerning popular culture, travel, war and capitalism. He is currently working on a project about domestic and international tourism as part of the modernization and capitalist reformation of Vietnam. The project focuses on the former colonial hill station Dalat, where Victor has conducted field work at various occasions adding up to about twenty months.


One Place But Many: The Social Construction of a Vietnamese Tourist Town
Since the Vietnamese government embarked on the political reform project doi moi (renovation) in 1986, tourism has emerged as a major economic resource. With the examples of their neighbors and now fellow ASEANs in hand, the authorities are trying to establish Vietnam as an international tourist destination while avoiding the ‘cultural pollution’ of tourism. 2.3 million people visited Vietnam in 2001. Almost half of these were from other Asian countries and Vietnamese visiting from overseas. In addition, Vietnam has around 12 million domestic tourists per year. The site of this study is the tourist town of Dalat, a former French colonial hill station in the central highlands. This project focuses on how Dalat is socially produced through the complex interplay of tourists´ and hosts´ representations, practices and interactions with each other and with Dalat as a locality situated in a wider context of globalization and modernization. Particular attention is given to how tourists’ expectations relate to their practices in Dalat, and how these relate to their cultural backgrounds in terms of gender, age, class, ethnic identity and nationality. (Funding for this project has been generously provided by SIDA)

Selected publications


  • Alneng, Victor. 'The Right Price: Local Bargains for Global Players', paper presented at ASA07, Thinking through Tourism, 10th - 13th April 2007, London Metropolitan University, UK, at the panel The cultural politics of touristic fantasies: addressing the 'behind-the-scene' scene, 14 pp. Article


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